Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hold Their Peace (Vampire Assassin League) by Jackie Ivie

Hold Their Peace (Vampire Assassin League) by Jackie Ivie

Thanos of Macedon is pure warrior. Hardened by battle. Honed by the sword. Forged to the temperament of steel. Emotionless. Strong. Set. Victory is the only allowable outcome. Surrender and defeat do not exist. Mortal life in Alexander the Great’s army molded Thanos into a war machine. Centuries of afterlife haven’t done a thing to alter it.

Darcy Mullins is vacationing on the cheap – tagging along on an archeological dig site with her friend – but even if she is amid ruins, rain and really old guys, this is the Mediterranean. There’s going to be hot sand. Hot sun. Hot guys. Hot times. She’s not looking for commitment. She wants no strings. No regrets. No worries.

One night of covert digging leads to black market dealing, murder, and one hell of a hot guy. Unbelievably hot. Darcy can’t believe her eyes as what appears to be an real, honest-to-goodness Avenging Angel drops out of the sky right in time to save the girls. This vacation just took a turn right to perfect – if only he’d drop the vampire stuff…

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