Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vegas Shuffle by Mimi Barbour Excerpt - $0.99 Goodie

Vegas Shuffle: Book #3 - Bridge Short between Roll the Dice and High Stakes Gamble! (Hot Romance & Powerful Suspense - Vegas Series) by Mimi Barbour

Left high and dry, Aurora now battles against her love for her missing partner. She eventually fights her way out of the pain of abandonment when she learns that Kai unknowingly left her with a part of himself she can love. Of course, she’s also forced to take on another partner. Lisa Jordan is a ditzy gal who gets under her collar at first, but soon her chatty cheerfulness and incredible skills wins her a place on Aurora’s best-friend list.

Then there’s the good-looking devil, Jeff Waters, who’s the owner of the fantastic new casino in town. He makes up his mind he desires Aurora. She’s his type of woman, and he’s the kind of guy who’s used to getting what he wants.


Late for work, she glanced at her calendar and a frizzle of excitement crawled up her back. Though her expression remained somber, a smile lit up her insides. Three months today and she still hadn’t had her period. A girl regular as Monday preceding Tuesday, she’d never missed before.
The thrill of her speculation dogged her every day since Lisa had asked her if she were pregnant. Scared to find out for sure, she kept telling herself to wait till the end of the month. If she hadn’t had her period by then, she’d look into it.
She stood up and stretched. Kinks had crept into joints held stiffly to stop more tears. The day ahead would be crazy, like all the others since she’d started working with the chatterbox chick. Smiling, she admitted the gangly girl had crawled under her skin and onto her list of people who mattered.
In the bathroom, Aurora grabbed her toothpaste and brush and began her ritual. The mirror beckoned her to survey the damage from her past hours of misery, and the assessment had her swearing once again it would be the last time. Her eyelids were puffy, skin pale and the scads of hair too long for her normal style.
What she didn’t do was look herself in the eye—too embarrassed by her bizarre behaviour of letting a man steal into her so deeply that he couldn’t be shook loose. Until her conscience kicked up a fuss and told her she was made of sterner stuff. It was the same voice that had carried her through all the nightmares of her childhood, and had made her into the strong-willed detective who didn’t take any shit from any man or woman.
Fingers gripping the edge of the counter, she leaned forward and stared. Sapphire twins stared back, daring her to look away.
Face it, Chicky! He just doesn’t give a fiddler’s fuck.

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