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Unspoken Past by Linda Wisdom - Prime Freebie!

UNSPOKEN PAST by Linda Wisdom
$3.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Unspoken, but not unremembered. How could Anne ever forget the brief hours she had shared with Kyle Harrison--or his anger when he discovered that she wasn't free to love?

Three years had passed, years which hadn't dimmed her pain, or the flame that burned in her heart for this man alone. Now he was back, and the promise of their love was even riper, richer for the anger it had surmounted, stronger for the pain it had overcome.

A Joyride Books romance classic by Linda Wisdom!

Forever Doomed by MaryAnn Kempher

Forever Doomed by MaryAnn Kempher

It's not wise to wander the cruise ship Forever alone at night. You might not live to see daylight. 

Detective Jack Harney agrees to do an old Army buddy a favor. Curt Noble had some personal business to attend to, he didn’t say what. What he did say was he needed someone to temporarily take over his duties as head of security on the struggling cruise ship Forever. Jack hesitates, but he owes Curt his life so agrees. He’s told the worst mischief he can expect to encounter will be the occasional shoplifter, or drunk. Instead, one week into the cruise, a beautiful red head and a member of the crew are ruthlessly murdered. Are the two murders connected? It’s up to Jack to find out. He must find the killer before the ship returns to Tampa’s port, or worse, before another dead body is found. This won't be easy. The ship is old, it's security systems outdated, and clues are few, or so it seems at first.

It’s not just a sense of obligation that motivates Jack to agree to Curt's request; Jack moved thousands of miles, started over, and still can't get Amy O'Brian out of his heart or mind. When she shows up on the ship, as part of a large wedding party, Jack must fight to stay focused. To make matters worse, Amy isn't his only distraction; a sexy and mysterious woman has made it her mission to seduce Jack.

As the body count rises, and time slips away, Jack has to ask himself, “Did someone commit the perfect crime?”

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Plague of Angels (The Descended) by John Patrick Kennedy Review

Title: Plague of Angels (The Descended)
Author: John Patrick Kennedy
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 302
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Nyx is Queen of Hell and ruler of the Angels who were banished there – the Descended.

And when the rest of the Angels are called home, Nyx finds herself stuck on the Earth with the Son of God. To her surprise, she learns that he is no happier than she. God's son thought he was sent down to judge humanity. Instead, he becomes a sacrifice for a cause he does not believe in – their redemption.

After his mortal body dies, the Son of God makes Nyx an offer: a new paradise on Earth if she will help him destroy humanity.

With two of her fellow Angels by her side, Nyx launches a thousand-year campaign of violence, sex, betrayal and intrigue to bring down God's people and have them worship her instead. From the back streets of Jerusalem to the palaces of Rome, from the temples of Egypt to the Pope's bedchamber, Nyx and her companions work to destroy the worshippers of God.

But not all is as it seems. And the Son of God has bigger plans than any of them imagine...


I want to be clear about something up front. Some will feel that this book makes a mockery of their religion. As a Baptist, I was a bit leery of this book at first. However, I took the book for what it was, a FANTASY, and was able to enjoy it. John Patrick Kennedy is an amazingly talented author with a vivid imagination. Yes, he does tackle a tricky subject, but that doesn't mean his work is any less entertaining. Open your mind to the STORY and enjoy it for what it is.

The Quietest Woman in the South by Nancy Radke Excerpt

The Quietest Woman in the South by Nancy Radke
  • He's got him a mule and he's headed back to Tennessee.
  • He's picking up strays along the way.
  • Evil men follow for one reason or the other.

I looked back down at Eden, and she reached up and kissed me. I kissed her back.
You’re a bold thing,” I said, liking the taste of her lips. She had stopped crying and now wiped her eyes dry.
She had a big heart and lots of courage. I kissed her, this time. She snuggled up against me. “Quiet, too,” I added.
Are you always this agreeable?” I asked.
No. Only when I want to be.”
I don’t have a ring.”
I do. My grandmother’s. I brought it from the inn. I want to wear it.”
You had this all planned, didn’t you?”
Yes. I watched you work for Grandpa. I saw you take care of Paralee, and then all of us. I just needed to keep you alive.”
You’re rich enough now, you could be an independent woman,” I said. “Choose any man you like.”
I’m choosing.”
I don’t have two cents to rub together.”
You’re rich.”
How?” It was the first time I’d heard of it.
You have you, and me, your friends and kin, and Toby. You have a mule. What more do you need?”
Do I need to give mine away?”
No. That would be foolish. We can buy some land with it.”
Yes, we can. Grandpa was a good judge of men. He wouldn’t have hooked up with you, if he hadn’t thought you were worthwhile. He told me, when we were leaving the inn, to stick to you. I’m sticking.”
I want a woman who’ll stick.”
She pressed up against me. “Like glue,” she said. “No room for anyone else.”
She sent my senses shootin’ off in all directions.
Exceptin’ me,” said Toby.
Go to sleep,” I told him, brought back to earth right sudden-like. “You’ll be included. In the family, just not in our marriage.”
I took Eden’s hand and led her away from the wagon, over to where the General was a’grazing. “That boy has ears nigh as big as the General’s. We’ll do well to remember that,” I said, getting another kiss. They could be habit forming.
We spent a few moments just kissing. Quiet women are very capable of making their feelings known.

Waning Moon (The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy) by PJ Sharon

Waning Moon (The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy) by PJ Sharon

In the year 2057, in a post-apocalyptic world where a polar shift threatens the survivors of a widespread pandemic with extinction, sixteen-year-old genetically enhanced Lily Carmichael has more immediate problems. Her uncle is dying of cancer and her healing abilities are ineffective against the blood ties that bind them. In order to find a cure, Lily must leave the protection of her quiet town and journey to the trading city of Albany, all while avoiding the Industry, an agency that would like nothing better than to study and exploit her abilities.

Seventeen-year-old Will Callahan has been searching for his father since severe storms blasted through the Midwest, killing his mother and sister. When he learns that his father may be in the city, he catches a ride with Lily, a girl who has come to his rescue more than once. As the two embark on a dangerous journey, the tension between them grows. But the secrets Will’s keeping could put Lily in far more danger than traveling to the city with him, and if he was any kind of man, he would have told her to run the minute she found him.

Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy Giveaway!

Special book promotion. First 25 to purchase Plague of Angels on Dec.29th (starting at 10am eastern), will receive a shirt featuring the fantastic cover art of Indrassi (without author name on front) Contact to redeem. Specify men's or women's shirt.

Plague of Angels (The Descended) by John Patrick Kennedy

Nyx is Queen of Hell and ruler of the Angels who were banished there – the Descended.

And when the rest of the Angels are called home, Nyx finds herself stuck on the Earth with the Son of God. To her surprise, she learns that he is no happier than she. God's son thought he was sent down to judge humanity. Instead, he becomes a sacrifice for a cause he does not believe in – their redemption.

After his mortal body dies, the Son of God makes Nyx an offer: a new paradise on Earth if she will help him destroy humanity.

With two of her fellow Angels by her side, Nyx launches a thousand-year campaign of violence, sex, betrayal and intrigue to bring down God's people and have them worship her instead. From the back streets of Jerusalem to the palaces of Rome, from the temples of Egypt to the Pope's bedchamber, Nyx and her companions work to destroy the worshippers of God.

But not all is as it seems. And the Son of God has bigger plans than any of them imagine...

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Dying for a Date (Laurel McKay Mysteries) by Cindy Sample Review

Title: Dying for a Date
Series: Laurel McKay Mysteries, Book 1
Author: Cindy Sample
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 254
Price: $2.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:


Unsure if she is looking for Mr. Right, or Mr. Every Other Saturday Night, divorced mother of two, Laurel McKay reluctantly joins THE LOVE CLUB, a popular local dating service. Dressed to kill, she meets bachelor number one at a trendy restaurant. But the date is a bust, literally, when the guy decides Laurel is dessert, and she breaks his nose with her cell phone. It gets even worse when the man is found murdered the next morning, and Laurel has his blood on her clothes.

Despite her now being a person of interest to the police, Laurel bravely ventures out on date number two. When that unlucky bachelor disappears during dinner, Laurel's only alibi is a bottle of Dom Perignon. The sexy investigating detective thinks she's innocent and is worried she may be the next target. That's more than enough motivation for Laurel to find a murderer determined to kill her social life--before dating becomes a dead end she can't escape.


OMG, you are going to LOVE Laurel McKay! I was sucked in from page one and couldn't put the book down. I loved the character and all her crazy thoughts. This is a case where the character makes the story. Not that the story isn't good. Who could resist a cozy mystery in which the men Laurel starts to date wind up dead? Throw in a sexy detective and you've got the perfect reason to turn off those CSI reruns and curl up with a good book.

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Bright New Murder: A Plain Jane Christmas Mystery by Traci Tyne Hilton Review

Title: Bright New Murder
Series: A Plain Jane Mystery
Author: Traci Tyne Hilton
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 132
Price: $3.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Once again, Traci Tyne Hilton proves her ability to create loveable characters. Though Jane Adler has broken it off with the man she loves, she realizes it's for the best. She has a career to think of, one that her ex-boyfriend didn't seem to understand. With more murders to investigate, can Jane put her feelings on the back burner and move forward?

I really enjoyed Bright New Murder. It was a fast-paced read and again, I loved the characters. Jane is the type of character that you can't help but want to know better. If you love cozy mysteries, I highly recommend this book and this series.

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Gotcha! (Tall, Hot & Texan) by Christie Craig - FREEBIE!

Gotcha! (Tall, Hot & Texan) by Christie Craig


Live...Laugh...Read...with New York Times-bestselling author Christie Craig....

"...Fans of Janet Evanovich should check (Craig) out." —Parkersburg News and Sentinel on DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DELICIOUS.

Macy Tucker was five years old when her beloved grandfather dropped dead in his spaghetti. At twelve, her father left his family in the dust. At twenty-five, her husband gave his secretary a pre-Christmas bonus in bed, and Macy gave him the boot. To put things lightly, men have been undependable.

That's why dating's off the menu. Macy is focused on putting herself through law school—which means being the delivery girl for Papa's Pizza. But cheesier than her job is her pie-eyed brother, who just recently escaped from prison to protect his new girlfriend. And hotter than Texas toast is the investigating detective. Proud, sexy...inflexible, he's a man who would kiss her just to shut her up. But Jake Baldwin's a protector as much as a dish. And when he gets his man—or his woman—Macy knows it's for life.

Bonus Content:

At the end of the book, get a sneak peek at Christie Craig's new Tall, Hot & Texan short novel, The Cop Who Stole Christmas.

There's also a sneak peak at Christie's contemporary romance BLAME IT ON TEXAS, now available from Forever Books!

Read on for a preview of her recent release, MURDER, MAYHEM AND MAMA, available now in paperback and ebook!

AND as an added bonus, you'll also get a look at the first EIGHT chapters of BORN AT MIDNIGHT, the first book in the New York Time-bestselling YA paranormal series, Shadow Falls, that Christie is writing as C. C. Hunter!! BORN AT MIDNIGHT, AWAKE AT DAWN, TAKEN AT DUSK, WHISPERS AT MOONRISE and CHOSEN AT NIGHTFALL are on sale now!

Loving From Afar (The Women of Independence) by Mona Ingram Excerpt

Loving From Afar (The Women of Independence) by Mona Ingram
$3.99 or FREE for Prime Members

What would you do if your perfect life was shattered by a series of uncontrollable events?
  Allison Ransome loses everything; everything except her love for Cole Slater, the young man she planned to marry after graduation.
  Gutted by Allison’s perceived treachery, Cole moves on with his life. Ten years later, he returns home, telling himself he will avoid the woman who broke his heart.
   But nothing goes as planned. Can Allison and Cole forget the past and come to terms with the events that tore them apart?
   Author’s Note: To paraphrase a reader: “This book has some tough, emotional parts, but it’s honest.” At its core it’s a heartfelt romance.
   Loving From Afar is Book One in The Women of Independence series. Book Two, titled The Last Goodbye, is also available at Amazon. 


Allison stood back as her friend finished mounting the fan and plugged it in. Air swept gently over the seedlings, and she smiled at the satisfied look on Dani’s face.
Much better,” her friend said, with a satisfied nod. “That’ll help to vent the place.” She poked at the double layer of poly that covered the domed greenhouse. “It’s a great setup.”
Thanks to you.” Allison gave her a wry smile. “You know, it’s been years, and I still can’t believe you’re a successful contractor. What did you say you have lined up for your next project?”
Mr. And Mrs. Berkshire’s sunroom. They’ve asked me to tear off the old one and build them a snazzy new one.” She adjusted the angle of the fan. “I’m looking forward to it. Did you say the airflow from the fan is actually good for the seedlings?”
Allison was accustomed to her friend’s abrupt changes of subject. “Yes.” She wiped sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. “The air strengthens them while moderating the temperature.” She tugged on a pulley at the end of the greenhouse and opened a 2’x2’ flap on the end wall. The vents had been Danielle’s idea when she put the structure together. She’d installed one vent at each end to catch the gentle breezes that swept through the valley.
The Berkshires. They’re Timothy’s parents, aren’t they?”
That’s right. Really nice people.”
Did you ask them about Timothy?” Allison forced herself to look her friend in the eye. “About where he is now?”
I didn’t have to ask. They were eager to tell me all about him. He’s in Vancouver and doing well. He works for a company down there that provides services to the television and film industries. Apparently, he scouts locations and stuff like that.”
Huh.” Allison picked up a handful of potting soil and closed her fist around it. In the heat of the greenhouse, the Pro Mix dried out quickly. She’d have to dampen it down again before she did any more transplanting. She raised her head. “Back in high school, was I the only one who didn’t know that Timothy was gay?”
Dani lifted her shoulders. “I can’t honestly say that I knew, either. He didn’t come out or anything.” She raised an eyebrow. “Cole never said anything?”
Allison shook her head. “Nope.” There was a catch in her throat. “I thought we shared everything.”
Guys are different about stuff like that. Anyway, it was what...ten, eleven years ago? People weren’t so open.” She turned thoughtful. “Timothy was lucky that Cole befriended him. He needed all the protection he could get. I think the other kids sensed he was different, even if he never confirmed it.”
A sad smile twisted Allison’s lips. “Cole was like that. Always sticking up for the underdog.”
Danielle paused, and took a deep breath. “He’s back, you know.”
Allison’s head came up sharply. “Timothy?”
No. Cole.”
For a moment, she couldn’t catch her breath. She staggered back, gripping the edge of the seeding bed for support. “And just how long were you going to wait to tell me?”
Danielle grinned. “I’m telling you now.” Her smile faltered. “I hear his father’s been ill.”
Why haven’t I heard that?” Allison frowned.
Because you hide yourself out here? Because you have no social life? Just the other day, Faith was saying she hasn’t seen you in over a month.”
What about you? When was the last time you were out on a date?”
Oh, no you don’t.” Dani’s eyes flashed. “This isn’t about me. And don’t tell me that going out with Mark counts as a date. He’s a nice guy and everything, but you two are just propping each other up.”
No fair! I–”
Dani shook her finger. “You shouldn’t tell me these things if you don’t want them to come back at you.” She looked at her watch. “I have to go.” She walked out the wide greenhouse door and looked at the long, straight rows of black plastic, ready to receive the seedlings. She turned slowly to look at her friend. “He looks hot, Al. I scarcely recognized him.”
Allison closed her eyes and let her head fall back. The sweep of air from the fan cooled her momentarily, but it would take more than a fan to cool down what she still felt for Cole Slater.
Dani’s tone was gentle when she spoke again. They’d known each other too long; had helped each other survive too many emotional train wrecks. “I thought I’d better warn you,” she said softly, then climbed into her pickup truck and headed up the long driveway to the road that ran along the high side of the valley.
* * *
Cole found himself on the twisting road that led through Hidden Valley. The road surface was lumpy and badly patched, much as it had been when he was a teenager. The difference was that his bike was bigger now, and it took the twists and turns with ease.
He knew that Allison had bought a place out here, but he wasn’t ready to see her yet...if ever. She was growing flowers, of all things. Flowers for drying. Evidently she made them into bouquets and sold them all over the Okanagan. He told himself he wasn’t looking for her place, but even so, he noticed the sign by her driveway as he roared past. It wasn’t large, as signs went, but it didn’t need to be, considering that she didn’t encourage visits from the public. It read The Flower Farm. He caught a glimpse of rows of black plastic as he passed, and smiled to himself. It was difficult to picture Allison farming...even if it was flowers. As far as he could remember... and he remembered everything... she’d never shown any interest in gardening. But that was all so long ago...
Lost in memories, he found himself at Green Lake in no time at all. He and Allison had come out here a lot when they were young. The numerous beaches along Okanagan Lake were a magnet for tourists as well as the locals, and as a result, they generally had Green Lake to themselves.
He parked the bike and squeezed through the turnstile gate, heading for what he still thought of as “their” spot. Ponderosa pines offered shade, and the sweet scent of resin filled his nostrils. Dried pine needles crackled underfoot and memories engulfed him. He sat down at the edge of the steep hill leading down to the lake, and took it all in. Very little had changed since the last time he was here. The place was silent, except for some intermittent birdsong. He braced his arms on raised knees and lowered his head. Now wasn’t the time to dwell on those days. His father was dying, and he needed to keep himself strong for the ordeal that lay ahead.
So why had he come here, where memories of his time with Allison were the strongest? Why was he torturing himself, wondering what might have been?
The answer was obvious, even if he didn’t want to admit it. He’d never gotten over her. Never gotten over the shock of what had happened. Cole had driven home, told his dad that he was leaving, and taken off like a bat out of hell. Taken off to make a new life for himself; a life where he controlled the outcome, a life where he wouldn’t have his heart ripped to shreds by a woman.
The distinctive chatter of a Kingfisher brought his head up. He searched the trees along the edge of the lake but couldn’t spot it. It didn’t matter; just knowing the bird was there was comforting. It meant that there were still fish in the lake. Some things, at least, had stayed the same.
He’d loved growing up here in Independence. The other guys his age had talked constantly about getting out, about going to a larger town, but he’d been content. His mother had died when he was young; he scarcely remembered her. His dad had lived by the Golden Rule and expected him to do the same. It had seemed corny at the time; corny and old fashioned, but as Cole grew older, he’d come to appreciate his father’s values.
They’d lived in a small mobile home park that was tucked into one of the narrow valleys that ran roughly parallel to the lake. There’d been those few months right after his mother died, when his father hadn’t known what to do, but other than that, Marty Slater had done a great job of raising him.
His father had smoked all his life, and it was catching up with him now. Since he’d left home, he’d managed to see his father a couple of times a year. His father, along with his lady friend Marnie, usually visited him on Vancouver Island, where Cole ran a successful business. He’d seen them just a few months ago, and his father had appeared in good health, but when Marnie called him two days ago, he’d come running, and was shocked at his dad’s appearance. These days, Marty Slater spent most of his time in a big recliner facing the television; Cole could tell by the items on the two tables that flanked the chair. Books, remote controls, cell phone, tissues, and pain pills painted a picture of someone very ill; someone who was too weak to move around. Cole wondered idly if the doctor would give him an estimate of how much longer. Probably not.
Jesus,” he said aloud, and dropped his head again. It was almost too much to take in. He’d always been aware that his father flirted with lung cancer every time he lit up, but he was still in his fifties; it was too soon for him to die. He wondered if Allison knew.
He pushed himself to his feet. Damn her for creeping into his thoughts at a time like this! But then whose fault was that? He’d been an idiot to think that by coming here, where they’d shared so much, he could face up to the past and get her out of his system. This was where they’d dreamed of a future together and every thought led him back to that time.
A loon warbled on the lake, but he didn’t look. He had to get going, get away from this memory-laden place. Besides, the community nurse was coming to check on his father right after lunch, and he wanted to be there when she arrived. The nurse might be more forthcoming about his dad’s prognosis than the doctor.
Reflection from the black plastic caught his eye as he rounded a corner. He knew the road well, and this was where he’d seen Allison’s sign.
He slowed his bike, knowing he shouldn’t, but something compelled him. He tore off his helmet, braced his feet on the loose gravel at the top of her driveway, and looked down at her place.
Movement in the greenhouse drew his eye, and a woman emerged. At first he wasn’t sure. The woman was about the right age, but there was something different about her; about the way she carried herself. The bright aura that had always surrounded Allison was missing from this woman. And yet... there was something achingly familiar about her.
The woman raised a hand, as though to wave at him... or was that wishful thinking? She fussed with her hair, then shaded her eyes and looked directly at him. And then he knew. This was Allison. The bond they’d developed a decade ago still pulsed between them. He could see it in her eyes, even from this far away, and it scared the hell out of him. They stared at each other for a long, intense minute. Then he replaced his helmet, started the bike and drove off.
* * *
Allison invariably looked up when she heard a motorcycle. Some people, like her friend Faith, looked to the sky when they heard an airplane; with Allison it was motorcycles. She pretended she didn’t know why she looked, but she wasn’t kidding anyone, especially herself. Cole had bought a motorcycle as soon as he was old enough to get a permit, and ever since, the sound made her heart leap into her throat; made her pulse speed up a little. Her reaction had mellowed over the years, but it was still there, springing to life every time she heard that distinctive sound. She’d always believed that he would come back one day, even though things could never be the same. Too much time had passed for that, but she still hoped.
The motorcycle had stopped at the top of her driveway. The driver braced himself, removed his helmet and looked down at her, but made no sign of recognition. He didn’t need to; she knew it was Cole. She raised a hand to wave, then caught herself just in time and raked her fingers though her hair. If she waved and he rejected her now, her heart would break.
She shaded her eyes and stared at him, willing him to come down the driveway and say hello. The longing to see him again, to hear his voice, to feel his touch, was almost more than she could bear. She knew he’d been to Green Lake. It had been their spot to go and talk; the fact that he’d gone there must count for something.
Or not. He drove away and she dropped her hand, defeated. It was clear from the way he’d looked at her that he still found her repulsive. Tears burned behind her eyes. How could she have allowed herself to think that he might still feel something for her? She tossed her gloves onto the potting table in the greenhouse, grabbed a clean rag from the box by the door and headed for the creek that ran through her property.
Jones Creek meandered down the bottom of the valley, through town, and eventually emptied into Okanagan Lake. Home to trout, muskrat, a few mink, and duck families in spring, there was always something to see along the creek’s edge. She headed for one of the old chairs set up under the willows and used the rag to wipe away bird droppings and leaves. Over the years, it had become her favourite spot on the property, and at this moment, she needed the calming influence of the burbling water and the soft sway of the willow leaves more than ever. Seeing Cole had stirred up too many old emotions, both good and bad. Memories that seemed like they’d happened only yesterday...

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge Excerpt

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic (The Dowser Series) by Meghan Ciana Doidge

If you’d asked me a week ago, I would have told you that the best cupcakes were dark chocolate with chocolate cream cheese icing, that dancing in a crowd of magic wielders — the Adept — was better than sex, and that my life was peaceful and uneventful. Just the way I liked it. That’s what twenty-three years in the magical backwater of Vancouver will get you — a completely skewed sense of reality. Because when the dead werewolves started showing up, it all unraveled … except for the cupcake part. That’s a universal truth.

This 68,000 word urban fantasy is the first book of the Dowser Series by author Meghan Ciana Doidge.

Sequel TBR on December 27, 2013

“I thought you weren’t going to bite me tonight,” I said, pleased that my voice sounded much calmer than my mind.
He tilted his head and gazed at my neck … actually, at my carotid artery. My pulse sped up; I was surprised it could get any higher.
“I wasn’t,” he murmured.
“Well, watching my blood move through my veins isn’t going to be helpful, then.”
He lifted his eyes to mine, and for a moment seemed almost … amused. But then, he just stared at me. My back started to ache from holding myself so stiffly against the wall and away from him, but hell if I was going relax into his neck hold.
“Your hand is cold,” I finally said, having no idea what to do when a vampire just stared at you.
“I could warm it.” He flicked his eyes to my neck again and showed me the very tips of his teeth — but no fangs and no red eyes. He wasn’t going to bite me. And if I wasn’t completely crazy, his tone sounded almost … flirtatious.
“What do you want, vampire?” I asked, putting as much steel as I dared into the question.
 - Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic, Chapter Two

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Merry Christmas!

I want to sincerely thank everyone for making this such a successful year at A Girl and Her Kindle. Without the readers and the authors, the site would be just a bunch of junk floating around in cyberspace. 

I hope that you have many good times with your loved ones this year and remember the true reason for the season. It's not about gifts (though unwrapping books or a shiny new Kindle is always nice) or the dozens of cookies you bake. It's about Jesus and being with family and friends to celebrate His birth. 

May your stockings be filled with many goodies and your hearts filled with Christmas joy. 

God bless and have a very Merry Christmas!

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Mistletoe Madness (A Christmas Novella) by Donna McDonald - $0.99 Goodie!

Mistletoe Madness (A Christmas Novella) by Donna McDonald

This is novella of approximately 28,500 words.
Can best friends ever become lovers?

Radio talk show host, Eve Kingston, would have said her neighbor down the street was one of her best friends in the world. But when Sam kisses her under the mistletoe on a dare from her daughter, her body comes out of widow hibernation. Now Sam says he wants to sleep with her. Eve thinks maybe she wants to see Sam dancing naked in a Santa hat. Madness has obviously taken over both of them.

Will either of them get their crazy wish for Christmas?

Also available on the Nook!

A Christmas Wedding To Die For (Death by Chocolate) by Pat Amsden

A Christmas Wedding To Die For (Death by Chocolate) by Pat Amsden
$0.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Maxine is making the wedding cake for the Christmas Wedding of the season. And it's to be held in one of her favorite places, Butchart Gardens. But before the day is over the bride lies at death's door and it's up to Maxine to find out just who wanted Julianna dead.

Could it be something to do with the rivalry between their parent's two gaming companies? The two founders started off together, fresh out of university. At some point they'd started fighting with Julianna's dad, Zeke branching off with
a new game

A game, Amoury, Rohan's dad, had always claimed was stolen from Zone 2 Gaming. The two had gone on to become wildly successful in their own right, while remaining fiercely competitive.

And then, Rohan, for whatever reason, had quit university part way through to take an entry level job at AC Gamers, instead of finishing university and going into Zone 2 Gaming. Maybe Julianna had been the draw from the beginning.

Maybe once Rohan started working there, they became closer working on projects together, where Julianna's love of social translated into marketing success, while Rohan's gaming skills resulted in a brand new game and huge success in the online gaming world.

And then they decided they were in love and wanted to get married. Tension didn't begin to cover the situation. But was it enough to cause someone to try offing the bride?

Will Maxine be able to stop a killer from striking again so Rohan and Julianna can have their own Happily Ever After?

Unbreak Me (Second Chances) by Heather D'Agostino Review

Title: Unbreak Me
Series: Second Chances, Book 1
Author: Heather D'Agostino
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 398
Price: $2.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Melanie Andrews thought she had the perfect life. A job she loved, a beautiful daughter she adored, and a loving husband. Everything around her seemed to be falling into place until that fateful day…

September 11th changed everything…

Melanie’s husband, Sean, was on a plane heading to Washington, D.C. for a medical conference. She had no idea that when she said goodbye to him that morning, that it would be the last time she saw him alive.

Eleven years later and still reeling from the aftermath, Melanie and her daughter move back to her hometown of Boston to try and put their lives back together. She had all but given up on ever feeling whole again.

Austin Montgomery, a self-made millionaire and single father, had long ago given up on finding love again. Working constantly and providing his daughter with anything she could ever want was his top priority until fate stepped in…

When his daughter introduced him to her new best friend, he instantly felt a connection to her mother. Deciding that he must know more about her, he begins trying to forge a friendship.

Too afraid of hurting again, Melanie keeps Austin at arms length. She knows her heart can’t take another fracture like the one she’s trying to heal.

What will it take for her to give him a chance? Can two people who were once deeply in love and then broken, find love with each other?

Unbreak Me is the first book in the Second Chances series.


Is it possible to love again when your world was ripped apart? Unbreak Me by Heather D'Agostino is an emotional, heart-felt read that will warm your heart. Those looking for an emotionally-charged romance will definitely find just that within the pages of this fast-paced read. Just be prepared to shed more than a few tears as you read this touching romance.

Good, Clean Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery, Book 1 by Traci Tyne Hilton Review

Title: Good, Clean Murder
Series: A Plain Jane Mystery, Book 1
Author: Traci Tyne Hilton
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 383
Price: FREE
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Hardworking and hungry Bible school student Jane Adler cleans houses to make ends meet. But finding the money to pay for the last semester of school is the least of her problems when she uncovers a body in her boss's bed.


Traci Tyne Hilton has the amazing ability to create characters you can't help but adore and the characters in Good, Clean Murder are no different. From the first chapter, I couldn't help but love Jane. Not only are the characters well-developed in this story, but the story itself is an excellent one. Those that love cozy mysteries are going to love this book. Best of all, it's FREE! If you're looking for the next cozy mystery series to get wrapped up in, this one is a great choice.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mr. 365 by Ruth Clampett Review

Title: Mr. 365
Author: Ruth Clampett
Genre: Holiday Romance
Pages: 239
Price: $0.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

When reality show producer Sophia is assigned to convince Christmas fanatic Will to be on their holiday special, she imagines him to be an oddball momma’s boy wearing a reindeer Christmas sweater. What she doesn’t expect is the handsome, mysterious man who captures her attention, and seems determined to win her heart.

Their attraction is undeniable, and as charming Sophia convinces Will to work with her, she slowly unwraps the secrets in his past that make this determined and soulful man still yearn for the childhood he never had.

When the chaos of production starts, will Sophia be able to keep her promises to protect Will from being exploited, or will the bitter truth of reality television be a runaway train of disaster for both of them?

Join Sophia, Will and his dog Romeo to enter the world of his enchanting holiday house where stars shine indoors and snow is always falling…365 days of the year.


The enthusiasm that Ruth Clampett has for writing comes through from page one in this funny, yet heartwarming holiday romance. I've read a lot of books this year, but it's been rare to come across an author that obviously LOVES what they do as much as this author. Mr. 365 has a well-developed story and characters and keeps you entertained throughout the novel. If you're looking for a romantic comedy to read this holiday season, I highly recommend this one!

A Christmas Miracle by Rose Francis Review

Title: A Christmas Miracle
Series: Holiday Hunks
Author: Rose Francis
Genre: Holiday Romance
Pages: 119
Price: $3.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Brenda's holiday season is looking pretty bleak.
She hasn't spoken to her half-sister Rachel--the only family she has left--since Rachel stole her boyfriend, and Brenda hasn't dated since.
Now Rachel and the man Brenda once thought she'd marry herself are expecting a child, and Rachel keeps inviting her over to have dinner with them.
Brenda has already turned down their Thanksgiving invitation, but she doesn't want to spend Christmas alone, yet she's not sure she's gotten over her ex enough to face the two of them as a couple.
But then she collides with a handsome stranger in a coffee shop and everything changes.

Alex has given up on family Christmases and miracles after watching his family slowly get wiped out, his brother the latest casualty.
He has settled on living life playing the field, not trusting his luck with having people he cares about stick around.
But a chance encounter with a sad-looking beauty in a coffee shop arouses his curiosity.

To make up for the coffee he spilled on her, Brenda asks the handsome stranger one favor: to accompany her to her sister's Christmas dinner.
He agrees on one condition: that she go out with him in the meantime until then.
They both agree to end their arrangement after the Christmas dinner is over, despite mutual growing feelings of wanting more.

Brenda is determined to keep her heart protected, but can Alex hold on to the scared beauty for longer than the holiday season?


I love how this book was broken down into the days. I love when an author chooses a formatting method that is away from the norm. The story itself is a heartwarming tale of two people that desperately want to NOT fall in love, but find that the pull between the two of them may be impossible to resist. The story did start out a bit slow, but quickly picked up. If you enjoy holiday romances, like I do, I recommend this one. It's sweet, heartwarming, and perfect for a night before Christmas.

Bright New Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery by Traci Tyne Hilton Excerpt

Bright New Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery (The Plain Jane Mysteries, a Cozy Christian Collection) by Traci Tyne Hilton

Jane Adler sat on the cold, wet hood of Isaac’s car. She leaned away from him, her arms crossed. Their spot on the top of Mount Scott gave them a good view of the city lights. The day’s light rain had turned to softly falling snow as night fell.
She was damp, cold, and beyond irritated with her boyfriend.
“If you keep changing your degree, you’ll never finish school.” The vein in Isaac’s temple throbbed, and he flexed his jaw.
“Again: I have not changed my degree. And I’ll still graduate this spring even with the extra classes.” Jane exhaled slowly. Isaac had only been home a week, and they had already had this argument four times.
“You’ve changed your degree twice since I met you.” Isaac leaned back on his elbows. “It’s like you don’t want to finish.”
“You’re exaggerating, and it’s not fair. I finished Bible school and I started a bachelor’s degree in business. That is not the same thing as changing my degree.”
“And now criminal science.”
“Yes. I added a couple of criminal science classes to my schedule. As well as French. It’s more work, but I’ll get it all done.”
Isaac leaned over to bump shoulders with Jane. “See, that’s the thing. You don’t even speak the language. How are you going to be a detective in Montreal?”
Jane didn’t answer. She couldn’t say what she was really thinking—that she hoped she wouldn’t ever be a detective in Montreal.
“Talk to me, Jane.”
“Why? You only hear what you want to hear.”
“Just help me understand why you’re making it harder to finish. Are you trying to come up with reasons to stay here? To not move to Canada with me?”
“You may not stay there forever.”
Isaac leaned over and brushed her cheek with his lips. “I hope I do. It’s my dream job.” His voice was a low, sexy rumble in his throat.
She pushed him away. “Don’t kiss me while we’re fighting.”
“I haven’t seen you since August.” He tried to set his hand on her knee, but she moved a little. All of his little caresses and kisses were making the inevitable harder for her.
“You saw me yesterday.”
“And we had this same fight yesterday.” Isaac turned her gently by the chin and kissed her lips.
Jane froze, a hairsbreadth from his closed eyes and slightly parted mouth. “Then quit bringing it up.”
Isaac pulled a small square box out of the pocket of his ski jacket. He set it on the hood of the car, right between them. “I keep bringing it up, because I have something to ask you.”
Jane stared at the box.
The box.
The box she had been waiting to see since his last visit home. The box she had been dreaming of since she fell for him at first sight, a year and a half ago. The box every Christian girl hopes to get before she turns twenty-three.
Jane stared at the box and felt sick to her stomach.
“Jane…I want you to marry me. Move to Montreal this spring. Be a professor’s wife. Don’t ever worry about cleaning, or detecting, or anything ever again. Make Montreal your mission field.” He opened the box and held it out to her.
One large diamond, with a swirl of smaller diamonds cascading away from it, down both sides of the ring.
“Say yes.” He stroked the back of her head with his strong fingers and pulled her close, his forehead bumping hers. He went for the kiss, but hesitated—a pause that gave Jane the chance she needed to act.
She pushed him away and slid off of the car. “I’m not a prize—not another set of letters to add after your name, Isaac.”
“What? What is wrong with you this week?” Isaac held the ring out to her and cocked an eyebrow.
“Nothing is wrong with me. I’m doing fine. I’m working hard to follow my dream and make a difference in the world.” She took a deep breath. “What’s wrong with us? That’s the real question. Neither of us seem willing to admit the obvious.” She stopped. She had to say it, but it felt like something smashed into her heart. “This is not meant to be.” She was too mad to cry, but her whole body shook. Right now, at this moment, she should be slipping that diamond ring on her finger and kissing her fiancé. The man she loved. Not yelling at him. Not…breaking up.
“What do you mean this isn’t meant to be?” He shoved the ring forward. “It’s right here. I’m asking you to marry me. We’ll go have adventures in French Canada. You can keep doing the career student thing. What don’t you like about this?”
“That!” The word felt like a knife in her throat. “That’s what I don’t like! I’m not doing a ‘career student’ thing. I’ve been a key player in successfully solving two murder investigations, and I want to do more of it. I plan on cleaning houses and solving murders for as long as I can, but it’s like you don’t believe me.”
“You wanted to be a missionary too, and you’re not doing that anymore.” His cocky voice made Jane want to punch him in the face.
“Who says I’m not going to be a missionary?”
“You just did. You said you’re going to be a detective.”
“Right now. I’m going to be a detective right now.”
“And for as long as you can. You just said that, Jane. You don’t know yourself very well at all, do you?”
“Well, if I don’t know myself, then I have no business getting married and moving across the continent, do I? I say no. No. No. I’m turning down your proposal.” She clamped her jaw shut and stared at him.
His mouth bobbed open. He shoved the ring box into his pocket. “Fine.”
“Fine.” She eyed the lone bus stop on top of the hill. Right next to the cemetery. “And I’m taking the bus home.”
“Now you’re just being stupid. Jane.”
Jane yanked her wallet out of her purse. “Don’t call.” The bus was lumbering up the hill, so she didn’t run for it. She didn’t want to look like a child, but she did stomp away as fast as she could.
She waited with her back to Isaac.
Merry Christmas to me.

Paranormal Nights (Paranormal Romance Boxed Set) Review

Title: Paranormal Nights (Paranormal Romance Boxed Set)
Author: Various
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 782
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Limited Time Offer!

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling authors C.J. Ellisson and Celia Kyle have teamed up with SEVEN more sizzling Bestselling paranormal writers to create a pulse-pounding read like no other! Eight stories. Some of the hottest authors in the industry. One place.

WOLF PROTECTOR by Milly Taiden: A woman with a secret. A man with one desire. A case that pushes them to the edge...

WHY THESE TWO by Jackie Ivie: Reika has found her mate. Darryl Bailes. He's big. Brawny. Black Ops trained. Brutal. And stubborn. He's not interested in being anyone's mate - especially a vampire's. Well. The knives are out. Challenges made. And somebody is going to lose.

*New Release* DEATH TIMES TWO by C.J. Ellisson and Boone Brux: The V V Inn has a ghost problem, one that requires the help of Lisa Carron, resident Alaskan grim reaper. Tasked with helping her, vampire Asa soon realizes that not only can she provide the dead a peaceful passing, but offer him solace in a way no other woman can.

HUNTER'S BLOOD by Marianne Morea: Revenge. It's what Lily Saburi craves since the brutal murder of her best friend. A vigilante bent on striking a blow for humanity against the shadowed world of the supernatural--until she meets Sean Leighton, Alpha of the Brethren. Leighton is charged with destroying anything threatening his pack, and that includes Lily.

*New Release* A WICKED PRELUDE by Calinda B: Chérie Manhattan has sworn off men - until colliding with the sexy, blond, hotter than Hell, Cam Tyson. Her choices: Play it safe Or take a chance on love? Evil demons are heading her way. Will she take the plunge into passion or fall prey to her doom?

by Mina Carter: It was supposed to be a simple job. But the Paranormal Protection Agency doesn't do simple...So Shadow-dragons, Baron and Duke, go undercover. As humans. Redcap and troll attacks pale in comparison to the most startling revelation of all: the woman they're protecting is Baron's mate.

PLAYING THE ODDS by S.A. Price: A shadow demon grifter looking for a big score meets a sexy stripper with the ability to grant luck to anyone she deems worthy. She is everything he's ever wanted, and he is everything she's been told to stay away from. But she's the answer to all his problems, and plans to show her that a life with a card player is worth taking a gamble on.

NIBBLED BY THE VAMP by Celia Kyle: Wren Minix knew vamps were real. Totally. But mean fairies? Fairies weren't supposed to be mean! But they are, and she really thought she was gonna become fairy dust if it hadn't been for the super hunky vampire that saved her. And, hey, giving him a little snack in return was no bigs. He helped, after all. Except she wanted one nibble to turn into two and then...oodles.


One of the best buys of the year! Packed with almost 800 pages, this paranormal romance collection is a must for anyone who loves the genre. With some of today's bestselling authors behind these stories, you will not be disappointing. Personally, I loved the stories Why These Two by Jackie Ivie and Nibbled by the Vamp by Celia Kyle the best, but there is something for everyone. Grab a copy for yourself and all your friends this holiday season. I cannot recommend this collection enough. If you love paranormal romance, buy this set!

Calling All Grammies - A Christmas Tale of Friendship by Flo Barnett Review

Title: Calling All Grammies - A Christmas Tale of Friendship
Series: Grammy's Gang, Book 3
Author: Flo Barnett
Genre: Children's
Price: $1.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

One of Grammy's oldest and dearest friends, Santa, is in really big trouble. His sleigh's engine is busted and if it can't be fixed, Christmas won't happen this year! But Grammy has a great idea. And her friends from around the world are ready to help!


Calling All Grammies is a cute Christmas tale that the little ones will enjoy. It's the perfect book to curl up with and read to your kids or grandkids during the holiday season and has well-done illustrations. I especially loved the one with Grammy in her Steelers gown. If you're looking for a fun book to read the kids this Christmas, this one is a real treat.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step by Jeanette Raleigh Review

Title: The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step
Author: Jeanette Raleigh
Genre: Horror
Pages: 234
Price: $0.99 (Through December 25, 2013)

Book Synopsis:

The dead are walking.

After years spent fighting in the Civil War, Wyatt hungers for a peaceful, quiet place to live. To the townsfolk, his memories of the walking dead are just stories. But after a gang robs the stage coach, Wyatt knows...the zombies have returned.

Wyatt is on the trail of the Clayton gang whose attack left the stage coach driver in shock mumbling about red eyes. When a boy goes missing in the same area, the townsfolk fear the worst. There is more to fear, and soon they will be tested in the most horrific way.

It will take all of Wyatt's courage to stop the evil spreading through his town.


Need something to keep you occupied until the new season of The Walking Dead hits the air? Love westerns? Then you're in for a real treat. The Zombie Cowboy Two-Step doesn't mess around. From the very beginning, you get the chill of dread and terror that only zombies can bring. Jeanette Raleigh does an amazing job at crafting a unique zombie tale that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone that loves zombies.

Eochaidh - Legend of the Horsemen (Book One) by Terri Reid Review

Title: Eochaidh
Series: Legend of the Horseman, Book 1
Author: Terri Reid
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 240
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Book Synopsis:

Over a thousand years ago a brave band of Knights of the Round Table agreed to enter Morganna’s castle and remove an ancient spell that allowed the sorceress the ability to travel in time. But they had been betrayed, Morganna caught the young men and despite Merlin’s protection, cast a spell upon them that would age them a year for every day they lived as men. Merlin did the only thing he could; he changed the men to horses so they could roam as immortals until someone could break the spell.

For more than one thousand years, the Herdin family was charged with the duty to help the horses and break the spell. Once every hundred years, the signs aligned and another Herdin risked their life to free the knights. This time, Meaghan Herdin’s father, Lord John, is the last surviving male heir in the Herdin line. Will he be able to break the spell or will Morganna and her followers destroy Meaghan’s family?

Set in Ireland in the 18th century, Eochaidh – The Legend of the Horseman, is filled with love, adventure, loyalty and magic.


Wow. Just wow! From page one I was immediately drawn in by the vivid descriptions and the amazing story. Terri Reid does an amazing job with fantasy. I'm already a huge fan of folktale-style fantasy, but this one was so well written. Reid keeps you on the edge of your seat and flipping the pages in this fantastic tale. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves fantasy or just loves a good story. You will not be disappointed.

She's Not You (Elvis Series) by Mimi Barbour Review

Title: She's Not You
Series: Elvis Series, Book 1
Author: Mimi Barbour
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Pages: 178
Price: $0.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Book Synopsis:

Sick and alone with her three-year-old daughter at Christmastime, Belle Foster needs help. When her neighbor's brother gets involved, she welcomes the soft-spoken good-looker into her world. Rescuing her kidnapped daughter isn't part of the deal, but any man willing to babysit his sister's menagerie of pets and cares that much about a stranger's baby is a guy she wants to get to know much better.

Jesse has only loved one woman in his life. Years ago, she left him with a broken heart, a crippling dependency and too many poignant memories. No one can replace her. No other woman has ever come close. So why does this loving mom continually sneak into his head? And why can't he shake her loose? One needy girl in his life, a sister who expects him to live on a pedestal, is enough for any man.


I think before I begin this review it's important to mention something. From a small age, I absolutely adored Elvis. Funny thing is, he died several years before I was born. When I discovered this series was going to be stories that were inspired by his songs, I knew I had to read this series. Mimi Barbour is an amazing author, but throw Elvis into the mix and well you've got pure gold. This story was a heartwarming holiday romance that I highly recommend to anyone, even those that don't love Elvis. Not only are the characters well-developed but the story of the two main characters coming together is absolutely wonderful.

Hot, Sexy & Bad (A Holiday Novella Collection) Review

Title: Hot, Sexy & Bad (A Holiday Novella Collection)
Author: Various
Genre: Holiday Romance
Pages: 539
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

New York Times Best Seller Judy Angelo’s Rome for the Holidays’
When Rome Milano meets the hot and heavenly Arie Angelis he learns that he can't always have his way. He's used to calling the shots, but not this time...

New York Times Best Seller Melody Anne’s Holiday Treasure: An Anderson Series Novella
Tanner Storm is on Santa's naughty list this year. Can a beautiful woman get him on the good list, or will he get only coal this year?

New York Times Best Seller Kathleen Brooks's Dancing Beneath the Mistletoe
Hiding behind their masks, Elle Simpson and Drake Charles are looking for someone to spend one hot night with. Instead will these two find love at the masquerade ball?

New York times Best Seller Ruth Cardello’s Recipe for Love: An Andrade Christmas Novella
All Madison Andrade wants for Christmas is a place to hide, but she cooks up much more than that with the lusty Frenchman she stays with in this prequel to the Legacy Collection.

USA Today Best Seller Lynn Raye Harris’s Hot Package: A Hostile Operations Team novella
Can HOT special operator Billy "The Kid" Blake save his ex-lover and thwart a conspiracy before time runs out?

USA Today Best Seller Sandra Marton's The Gift
Can ex-Special Ops warrior Kazimir Savitch save Ekaterina Rostov from marriage to a dissolute prince? After one incredible night together, Kaz vows that he will, no matter the cost.

Shadonna Richards’s The Belmont Christmas Bride: The Bride Series
Jilted the night before her wedding, Olivia McAlister will have to face three hundred guests, alone. Will the hot, sexy and mysterious Dane Romano save the day—and her heart?

Danielle Stewart’s Half My heart: A Clover Series Novella
Devin Sutton has come back to Clover to settle the score. Is there enough room in his heart for love and revenge?


Over 500 pages of holiday romance from some of today's bestselling authors. What more could you ask for? Hot, Sexy & Bad is filled with holiday cheer and will certainly keep you warm on those cold winter nights. I was drawn to this collection because I had recently read the book Choosing Christmas by Danielle Stewart and wanted to read more of her work. This collection did not disappoint. Her story Half My Heart was a favorite of mine because it was set in North Carolina, my home state, and because it's just damn good. With that said, there are a number of good stories in this collection and something for everyone. If you love holiday romance with a bit of spice, you'll love this collection.
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