Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back Home (Book 4 of the Alien Encounters Series) by Kim Welsman Review

Title: Back Home
Series: Alien Encounters, Book 4
Author: Kim Welsman
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 166
Price: $1.49
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Book Synopsis:

Lyrissa, psychic investigator from the New Americas on Earth finds herself travelling to Sylax, an alien world with Peggy her Sylaxian friend. Lyrissa and Peggy follow the evil Tellons and Tannis, former aid to the Grand Councillor now turned traitor, back to Sylax. These foes are ready to take over the planet and enslave the Sylaxian populace once again, so Lyrissa and Peggy are compelled to act. Now both females must travel with their Sylaxian companions into the desert to the ancient Ruins of Jurel and face down their foes.

This fourth book in the Alien Encounters Series has been written in a new format, so you get to see and experience what Lyrissa does in this new world, while also getting Peggy’s point of view on her Sylaxian home. Written from two different view points challenges the reader, but provides more depth and insight into each both Lyrissa’s and Peggy’s psyche during their personal journeys on Sylax.


Kim Welsman is one of the few authors that pens science fiction that I actually enjoy. Normally, I stay far, far away from this genre. Back Home, the fourth installment in the Alien Encounters series, is another great installment of Lyrissa's and Peggy's story. This time things are a bit different as the story is told so that readers can experience both Lyrissa's and Peggy's views on things. It's interesting to read and see how the story plays out since both characters are nervous for different reasons. Back Home is another great installment and one not to be missed.

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