Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Path Toward Home (The Annals of Avonea) by Heather Lorenz

A Path Toward Home (The Annals of Avonea) by Heather Lorenz
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Constance waited eagerly for her mother's vivid bedtime stories. They were truly children's literature in action and told so convincingly of a magical land that Constance could almost believe her mother had been there and returned. If they had been put in writing, there is no doubt they would be children's classics. By age 6 Constance was living with her Aunt and Uncle in Canada and struggles for a time. Travel adventures are not her lot as uncle is a very contented homebody.

A teenager now, she no longer reads children's fantasy books for kids. By age 9-12 she had in fact given up believing in fairy tales and fantasies. Life in Saltwater is routine and boring when her best friend moves away.One day she was swinging on her mother's old swing.....when suddenly it was dark with whispering voices in the background.

When she next opened her eyes, where in the world was she? Living In some children's adventure books? By age 9 12 she had put such thoughts behind her. Now she wasn't so sure. Soon she meets her rescuers who concoct a plan to take her home. Will it be successful and what about her uncle? He must be frantic with worry. Meanwhile there are things to do and places to go.

Prince Drinian and his trusty mentor Woodphere are determined to help her return to her world. Barely into the journey, Constance encounters a young man who says an alternate route which will be much faster. Who should she believe? Difficulties with a friend are resolved and they forge ahead. Soon she finds herself in a competition not of her choosing.

Scary terrain, a near fatal injury and a mysterious manor lie ahead. What secrets are behind those doors and can the secretive old man give them the answers they seek? Just ahead lies enemy territory and a princess with an attitude. A close encounter with thieves and robbers hastens their departure to the young prince's boyhood home in this coming of age fantasy.

But for Constance the journey is not finished. Join her and her new-found friends in this children fantasy series as they embark for their destination: The Circle of Return 

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