Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Online Dating Success Secrets for Women 40/50+ by Caryl Westmore - FREE

Online Dating Success Secrets for Women 40/50+ by Caryl Westmore
FREE - January 14th and 15th

Discover How to Find True Love and Happiness with this Online Dating Guide for Women over 40 or 50.

Are you a woman over 40 or 50 who feels in your heart that you would love to find new – and true – love, a soul mate, companionship, sexual joy, happiness and a second chance at life – but don’t know how?

• If someone could wave a realistic magic wand – what kind of lasting love relationship would you ideally long to experience in your life – in the next six months or sooner?

• Do you long for guidance from a woman of the same age and stage as yourself who has successfully negotiated the pitfalls and perils of online dating and come up smiling?

Then this book is for you.

• Are you plagued by memories of past heartbreak and pain with previous partners?

• Do you look in the mirror and feel unworthy of attracting a soul mate – mainly because of your age?

• Does the thought of online dating as a woman over 40/50 seem scary or daunting?

Then this book is definitely for you.

Author Caryl Westmore shares the online dating success secrets that eventually led her to meet and marry her Love Hero, Nick. She will take you by the hand and share practical tips and tools in this “online dating for women” guide based on her own personal experiences and coaching expertise with hundreds of clients who consult her to achieve their dreams in love and life.

Online Dating Success Secrets for Women 40/50+ promises to show you how to:

• Enjoy the upside of online dating as a booming industry for millions of baby boomers worldwide
• Dump the Love Villains
• Attract your Love Hero and Soul Mate
• Heal your broken heart – with the help of tools like EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
• Apply Law of Attraction love secrets that work
• Build a winning Dating Profile
• Post a head-turning picture
• Target top online Dating Sites
• Persist despite the pitfalls and dangers of online dating
• Spot men with Commitment-Phobia
• Run the “7 Qualities Checklist for a Serious Relationship” when you find a suitable Love Hero

Remember, your Love Hero is out there somewhere and that he’s seeking you just as you are seeking him.

Click BUY and find out how you can make YOUR dreams of lasting love come true via online dating.

What other people are saying about Online Dating Success Secrets for Women 40/50+
“Caryl’s book on Online Dating is a must read for anyone who is or who has ventured into Online Dating. Her humour and personal accounts of her experiences turn this into a wonder-filled adventure. The clarity and focus that I attained through working with her exercises and anecdotes allowed me to engage in what had been up until this point a dating disaster. Shortly after having read Caryl’s book and one consultation with her, I met the man of my dreams – whilst he lives on another continent, I have had the intense experience of what it means to grow in a relationship that is intimate and fulfilling.” AJ, South Africa

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  3. Good to see the updates here. These secrets are very helpful for me while dating in India with women.


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