Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Boy Next Door (Second Chances) by Heather D'Agostino Book Trailer

The Boy Next Door (Second Chances) by Heather D'Agostino

For Katie Lewis, Patrick McKinley had always been the cocky boy next door. He’d moved in and befriended her at a time when she was trying to mend her broken heart.

Zach Lawson had left her shattered after he moved across the country to pursue his dream of attending art school. While trying to move on, like Zach had asked her to, Katie met Patrick. At fourteen, she had no idea how much Patrick would end up meaning to her.

Three years later on graduation day, Patrick decides to take a chance and change their friendship forever when he kisses Katie. Now, he just needs to sort out what it all means and if he can turn this friendship into something more.

Katie finally got what she wanted most, for Patrick to see her as more than a friend. But, moving from friends to lovers isn’t as easy as it seems. Trust, desire, and need begin to battle for dominance.

As the summer goes by, both secretly wonder if they’ll make it. Attending different colleges in different states, a crazy roommate, and past relationships deciding that they don’t want to stay in the past but become part of the present are only some of the hurdles that they will face.

The Boy Next Door is Book Two in the Second Chances series.

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