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Timeswept Baby by Eugenia Riley Excerpt - $0.99 Goodie!

Timeswept Baby by Eugenia Riley

From #1 Kindle Bestselling Time Travel Romance author Eugenia Riley, author of BUSHWHACKED BRIDE and WANTED ACROSS TIME!

When single mom Emma Fairchild awakens in a Chicago hospital, she is stunned to discover her newborn baby is missing. Then she is presented with the outlandish possibility that the stork panicked in the delivery room and delivered Emma’s bundle of joy to the wrong century! Receiving a bizarre “ticket through time,” Emma tears it up and immediately starts spinning back in time herself!

Meanwhile back in Victorian London, notorious rogue Matthew Weymouth, Earl of Worthing, is trying his best to seduce his reluctant mistress when the two encounter an abandoned baby on the stoop of Matthew’s townhouse. Even as Matthew’s outraged paramour slaps his face and storms off, a gust of wind sweeps over him. Suddenly he is confronted by a beautiful young woman in outlandish clothing who accuses him of stealing her baby.

Even as mother and baby are joyously reunited, sparks fly and romantic complications abound between Emma and Matthew. Emma must come to terms with her amazing journey through time and discover why she and her infant were “delivered” to sexy Matthew Weymouth’s stoop. Matthew feels enchanted by mother and child, and is tempted to give up his rakehell ways. Will Emma find her soulmate here in Dickensonian London—as well as a father for a precious baby who so desperately needs one?

TIMESWEPT BABY is Eugenia Riley at her best: touching romance, humor, time-travel, and a cast of unforgettable characters! The novella contains approximately 31,500 words or 150 text pages.


What’s a single mom to do when she wakes up at the hospital only to find her newborn baby is missing? She receives a letter from Heaven, that’s what.

Quickly Emma opened the envelope, scanning the strange though official-looking letterhead that read, "Dispatcher of New Souls - Heaven."
She blinked in perplexity. This was nuts. Nonetheless, she quickly read the body of the letter:

My dear Mrs. Fairchild:

I am writing, with regret, to inform you that a most lamentable incident has occurred with respect to your newborn child, dispatched to you yesterday at 7:05 p.m. It seems we should have entrusted your baby to more reliable hands. Unfortunately, Ralph the Stork is in his dotage, and after he arrived at the hospital, he became quite confused at the resulting chaos in the delivery room.
By now, you're surely wondering what must have happened to your infant. I fear there's no delicate way to put this. Given the tumult among the hospital staff when Ralph appeared, the poor, befuddled bird panicked utterly and flew out of the hospital with your little bundle of joy. Ralph promptly took a tragic wrong turn in time. I'm afraid he mistakenly delivered your child to the stoop of a rogue, a most disreputable fellow, who resides in Victorian England.
We apologize for the mistake and any resulting inconvenience it may have caused you, and trust this matter shall shortly be rectified. Enclosed please find one "Ticket Through Time," and best of luck in reclaiming your lost child.

I.M. Bearing
Dispatcher of New Souls


Emma finished the letter, only to shake her head in stupefaction. This must be a joke. She wasn't in a hospital but in some sort of lunatic asylum. It was totally deranged to expect her to believe that, not only had a stork delivered her baby, it had delivered it to the wrong century.
But even as Emma refolded the bizarre letter, a small card fell out. She stared flabbergasted at the elegant writing which read, "Ticket Through Time." The ticket was divided down the center by a dotted line, with smaller print on one side. She turned the card sideways, squinted, and carefully read, "Tear here and hold onto your stomach."
Emma was stunned. This was ridiculous! Had she not been ready to cry, she would have laughed out loud. Where was her baby, and why wouldn't anyone tell her anything, much less, help her? And what was the meaning of this nutty letter?
Again she stared at the ticket. "Tear here and hold onto your stomach." What harm could it do to tear up the ticket? Afterward, she would rip the silly letter into a thousand shreds, as well.
Gingerly Emma got out of bed, stepping into her slippers. She held up the ticket and shook her head. "Here goes nothing," she muttered.
Emma tore the ticket straight down the dotted line. Then, to her horror, she began to spin . . .

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