Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Down & Dead In Dixie (Down & Dead, Inc. Series) by Vicki Hinze Review

Title: Down & Dead in Dixie
Series: Down & Dead, Inc. Series
Author: Vicki Hinze
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 267
Price: $6.99
Thoughts: Clean, funny, and kinda sassy.

Book Synopsis:

To live, sometimes ya gotta die! Daisy Grant is in a heap of trouble. She stumbles into a mob turf war and now somebody wants her dead. Daisy may be small-town to the bone, not at all the kind of woman to deal with the Southern Mafia, but she knows how to get creative fast!

Enters the way-too-attractive Mark Jensen... He didn't mean to rescue anybody, and he certainly didn't mean to go on the run because of a stubborn, sassy woman. Soon they are up to their ears in so many wacky characters they don't know who's on their side. Daisy and Mark decide that to live, sometimes ya gotta die. And sometimes to die right takes . . . practice.


Those that love a funny, kinda sassy female lead are going to love this series. What I really loved about this series though was that it was clean. As someone who reads over a hundred books a year, it's so nice to find a book that you can recommend to all your friends. Down & Dead in Dixie is a must for those that love cozy mysteries and women sleuths. I highly recommend it!

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