Monday, March 24, 2014

Alaska Wilde: An Action Adventure Novel by S.A. Ferkey - FREE

Alaska Wilde: An Action Adventure Novel by S.A. Ferkey - FREE
FREE - Mach 24th and 25th

A mild-mannered horticulture writer and waitress-turned-hunting guide battle Ice Age killers, and each other, in the wilds of Alaska.


When a hunter returns from the Alaska Bermuda Triangle missing part of his leg and all the others in his hunting party, he can't stop ranting about the "dinosaurs" that attacked him and his fellow hunters.

Jay Widford, a mild-mannered horticulture writer from New York, sees this as a chance to nab the story of the century and also to redeem himself as a man. Unfortunately, the only available hunting guide in a 100-mile radius is Alaska "Allie" Wilde, a beautiful but high strung woman with a jealous ex.

Jay needs the story and Allie needs the money so they head to the remote Alaskan wilds together.


By the end of the first day, Allie is ready to strangle know-it-all Jay, and Jay finds it impossible to deal with Allie's mood swings. If that isn't enough, Alaska's ex-husband begins stalking them from an ultralight plane. But when her ex runs out of gas and crashes into a crater filled with the very beasts Jay and Allie have been searching for.

Jay suddenly has his big action adventure story, but also a big problem. He and Allie are now trapped inside the crater, too, and will most likely suffer the same fate as Alaska's ex. Their only hope for survival is to take refuge in a row of deep grooves that line the walls of the crater.

Escape looks impossible, but even if they do manage to escape Mother Nature's steady stream of obstacles, how can they keep the boars from following them? More importantly, do even worse dangers lay in wait ahead of them in this novel?

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