Monday, March 17, 2014

Bulletproof (Unknown Identities #1) by Regan Black Review

Title: Bulletproof
Series: Unknown Identities #1
Author: Regan Black
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Pages: 285
Price: $3.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: I was drawn to the dark feel of this romantic suspense.

Book Synopsis:

A soldier is nothing without his honor.

To avoid a dishonorable end to his decorated military career, John Noble made a deal with the devil. He gave up his name, endured harrowing training, and accepted every mission thrown at him for one purpose: redemption.

When he accepts his latest orders, providing personal security for a reporter in trouble, he bargains hard to guarantee it will be his last job for the shadow agency he knows only as Unknown Identities (UI).

An ambitious reporter, Amelia Bennett, is about to break the story of her career, if she lives long enough to tell it. Caving to her boss's demand, she hires a bodyguard and soon it is obvious John Noble is the only obstacle standing between her and certain death.

Just when John believes he has found someone he can trust and love, who loves him unconditionally for who and what he has become, his orders are amended: Amelia Bennett is to be terminated.

Introducing Unknown Identities: an alternative for elite soldiers and spies facing criminal charges... if they can survive the program.

Don't miss Double Vision #2 and Sandman #3, the next installments of this sizzling, action-packed series.


The first couple pages seemed a bit slow, but Bulletproof by Regan Black quickly picked up. If you love action, romance, and the paranormal, you're love this romantic suspense novel. It has a dark feel that I couldn't help but be drawn to. This is one of those books that you'll keep telling yourself, "Just one more page." You just have to find out what's going to happen next and that leads to late nights reading this novel.

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