Sunday, March 2, 2014

It Began With Burlesque by T. A. Dufficy Review

Title: It Began With Burlesque
Author: T. A. Dufficy
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Mystery
Pages: 226
Price: $5.99
Thoughts: A relaxing, fun read.

Book Synopsis:

What’s the best way of making friends when you’re new to an area?

“There’s always zumba,” thinks Carrie. And so she enrols in the village dance class where she meets Odette. But it’s not long before their manic teacher, Zandra Zumba, has them gasping for breath. Fearing imminent collapse the new friends wonder what they could try instead. The answer appears in a poster at the local pub for a burlesque dance class. “Release Your Inner Goddess” it announces. Little Hatten has never seen anything so risqué. Carrie can’t wait to try on the nipple tassels but Odette isn’t quite so sure.

However before they have the chance to drape their feather boas round their necks, their lives take a seismic turn. Romantic dramas engulf their settled, small town world and set them off on an unexpected chain of events.

Join Carrie and Odette on their 30-something journey of love, sequins, men and mystery in this heart-warming tale of friendship, laughter, intrigue and feather boas.


Such a great read for women. It's got comedy, romance, mystery, and a great friendship. It's the type of book you slip into and relax after a long work week. In other words, It Began With Burlesque by T. A. Dufficy is a great book to unwind with. Read it and then buy a copy for that special friend in your life.

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