Monday, March 3, 2014

kNewspapers: A Novel About Love and Citizen Journalism by K. Paul Mallasch

kNewspapers: A Novel About Love and Citizen Journalism by K. Paul Mallasch
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Downsized in 2005 from a midsize daily newspaper in the Midwest and on the run from a soon-to-be ex-wife, intrepid webmaster Paul Malinski transforms into kpaul. His goal is to start a news and information source from the ground up, something truly by the people and for the people.  

On his journey, he learns a lot about journalism, greed, love, black holes, Occupy Wall Street, robots and automation, poetry, selflessness, mental illness and much more. Perhaps most important, he learns about himself and that one person alone can't do everything.

This is an autobiographical novel, a work of fiction that describes the continued decline of big media and the rise of "citizen journalism" as seen through the eyes of a man who believes that Journalism is much too important to leave to large corporations.  

Section A - Hyperlocal News / Obits
  • Chapter A1 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish Wrap!
  • Chapter A2 - Redbud is my Rosebud
  • Chapter A3 - Tell me. Is the Lord of the Blogosphere in?
Section B - Politics / Lifestyle / Money
  • Chapter B4 - Presidential Deliverance from Underwear
  • Chapter B5 - Ex-Mas Eve Under the Lilith Tree
  • Chapter B6 - Babylon's Richest Man Until the End of the Chapter
Section C - National / World News
  • Chapter C7 - Period comma exclamation point
  • Chapter C8 - Hastily created Believeland Tourism Video
  • Chapter C9 - Die Lethal with a Hard Weapon
Section D - Arts / Opinion / Editorial
  • Chapter D10 - Whiner, Whiner, Chicken Diner
  • Chapter D11 - Blue Journalist Needs Food Badly!
  • Chapter D12 - Quantum Entanglement/Journalism Engagement

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