Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Real Vampires Take a Bite out of Christmas by Gerry Bartlett Review

Title: Real Vampires Take a Bite out of Christmas
Series: Glory St. Claire Series
Author: Gerry Bartlett
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 74
Price: $0.99
Thoughts: Sucks you in from page one.

Book Synopsis:

Glory St. Clair is finally marrying her long-time lover. But with the wedding only weeks away, she has more on her hands than bridal showers and fitting her generous curves into a wedding dress. Her best friend Flo is in trouble and it’s up to Glory to convince her pal to take the threat seriously or there will be no matron of honor on Glory’s big night.

Gerry Bartlett is the national best-selling author of the Real Vampires series. Real Vampires Take a Bite Out of Christmas continues the story where it left off in Real Vampires Know Size Matters, a December release and book ten in the series.


Sucks you in from page one! Gerry Bartlett writes sexy, fun fiction with characters that you can't help but love. If you love urban fantasy and vampires, you have to read this! If you've been reading the series from the beginning, you can't miss out on the awesome events in this book. Personally, I love these books because Glory isn't a thin girl. It's so nice to read about a sexy vampire that isn't stick-figure thin! Halleluiah to Bartlett for creating a REAL female lead.

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