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Spotlight on Judy Nickles' Shining Star Series

Judy Nickles Shining Star Series is a clean romance series that can be enjoyed by anyone. The series begins with Where Is Papa's Shining Star.

Blurb From Where Is Papa's Shining Star:

Wealthy Alan Ashley, blinded in World War I, returns home to face a challenge to his ability to run the family business. As the case goes to court, he is drawn to the cheerful, ever-optimistic Lenore Seldon, his defense attorney’s secretary. When he wins his case, he offers her employment, but she declines and disappears from his life.

Ten years later, frail and in desperate need of work, Lenore answers his ad for a personal assistant. He hires her with the agreement that she will live in, chaperoned by his housekeeper, so that she can drive for him, and he can teach her to use the Braille writer. She is the perfect employee, but he senses that she is frightened of something—or someone.

When he finds himself falling in love with her, he must uncover her secrets in order to save their relationship---and to save her from herself.

Excerpt from Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?

He twirled the dial until he caught the strains of Guy Lombardo’s orchestra. “That was one of my favorites,” Alan said, leaning forward in his chair, his feet moving in time to the music. “Do you dance, Miss Seldon?”
“Oh, yes, all my friends danced at school parties.”
“I haven’t danced in years. I don’t suppose you’d indulge me?”
“There’s hardly room in here, Mr. Ashley.”
“We could turn up the radio and go into the foyer.”
“I’m not sure I remember how.”
“Neither am I, but I’d like to try, wouldn’t you?”
He stood for a moment in the middle of the foyer to orient himself, then held out his arms and was rewarded with the feel of Lenore Seldon stepping into them. Careful not to hold her too
closely, he said, “All right, on the next beat.” They moved off not quite in time to the music.
“Is it coming back to you?” he asked.
“I think so.”
“The tempo is nice, but I believe we’re a bit behind. Shall we pick it up?” He quickened his steps as he spoke. “Are you keeping watch for obstacles?”
“Yes...oh, Mr. Ashley, the stairs.” She finished her warning as his heel met the bottom step, and he toppled, pulling her down with him into his lap. For a long shocked moment they sat still, breathing harder than the exercise warranted. She was lighter than he’d supposed, but her hair, when he reached to touch it, was as silky as he’d imagined. Sliding his hands to her cheeks, he brought her face forward until their lips touched. He thought that she responded briefly, but,
before he could speak, she jumped from his arms and ran up the stairs.

The Series Continues:

Finding Papa's Shining Star

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About the Author

Judy Nickles has written since she could hold a pencil. Her newest project is a six-book cozy mystery series set in Arkansas where she has retired. The books will release two at a time through August.

She also writes under the pen name Gwyneth Greer. Visit her author page at She blogs at The Word Place and her website can be accessed at Someday Is Here.

Besides writing, Judy enjoys genealogical research, reading, travel, and meeting new people. She has two grown sons and two granddaughters.

And, she's having her adolescent rebellion 50 years late!

Find Judy Online:


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