Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sexy & The Undead (Sexy Witches) by Charity Parkerson

The Sexy & The Undead (Sexy Witches) by Charity Parkerson

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson:
A potion gone wrong, or right? Single, unemployed, and in charge of her very own pet zombie, Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it's raining men.

Ella has spent years searching for a cure for a zombie named Freddie. However, when an experimental concoction takes an unexpected turn, she gets a glimpse of the life she's been missing by hanging out with the undead.

Zombies, Angels, and Pixies. Oh my! Don't miss out on the first book in the new "Sexy Witches" series by Bestselling Author Charity Parkerson.

The "Sexy Witches" series:
  • The Sexy & The Undead
  • Wanted: Hexed or Alive
  • The Pixie & The Prince
  • Tasting Temptation
  • The Wizard & The Wanton

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