Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Sound and the Furry

The Sound and the Furry


The Sound and the Furry is a delightful collection of cat and dog stories from international authors who have come together to support the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

With selections that include fantasy, mystery, romance, humor, and drama, The Sound and the Furry is the purr-fect anthology for “cat people.” And “dog people.” And people who just love a good story!

The Authors:
**Gordon Aalborg’s Cat Tracks: “Aalborg writes beautifully ... His novel should be mandatory in English classes to illustrate a well-written book.” – Cat Fancy

**Lillian Stewart Carl's The Burning Glass: “Authentic dialect... detailed descriptions… vivid characters… The tightly woven plot is certain to delight history fans with its dramatic collision of past and present.” – Publishers Weekly

**Denise Dietz’s Fifty Cents For Your Soul: “Frannie Rosen’s voice sounds something like a young Bette Midler if she'd been cast in an episode of Sex and the City directed by Tim Burton.” The Goreletter

**Carole Nelson Douglas is “A superlative wordsmith who uses language with both precision and √©lan … makes reading a new and joyous experience….” – Romantic Times

**Anna Jacobs: “An exciting book of immensely brilliant character portrayal …” – Bangor Chronicle on Our Eva

**Robert S. Levinson writes “…with considerable invention, grace and energy… tells an intricate and emotionally potent tale of murder and double cross.” – Publishers Weekly

**Annette Mahon: “The Secret Admirer is a sweet, fast-moving romance. … A wonderful, light read for a cool autumn day.” – Romantic Times

**Sue Moorcroft: “You know you’ve got a good book when you can no longer control your facial expressions whilst reading!” –

**Mary Jo Putney’s Loving a Lost Lord: “Sweeter than honey, and utterly ravishing; I didn’t want to stop reading. But then I never want to stop reading one of Mary Jo Putney’s novels!” – Eloisa James

**Terese Ramin “…has a strong, distinctive, almost literary voice. … An absolute master of characterization…” – Romantic Times

**Laura Resnick: “Doppelgangster is a joy from start to finish … a wonderful blend of comedy and surprising suspense.” – Linda Howard, New York Times bestselling author

**Janet Woods: “The Stonecutter's Daughter is a beautiful, poignant story that brought tears to my eyes … a superbly gifted writer who knows how to tell a story like no other.” - Kristal Gorman. Romance Reader At Heart.

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