Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Suit: RC Investigations by V.R. Marks

The Suit: RC Investigations by V.R. Marks
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One mistake and he's not a bachelor anymore...

FBI Special Agent Dale Nichols is all about closing cases. Until a small town waitress brings him a corruption case that is spiraling out of control. To protect her, he pops the question, putting himself between her and those who want her dead.

Everyone in Haleswood knows Heather Morris simply as the waitress who serves coffee with a smile. So when Dale offers her a chance to make a difference bring down a major crime ring, she leaps at the opportunity to play his fiancee.

As Dale and Heather race to resolve the case, will it be the real enemy or the fake engagement that destroys their chance for a future?

Don't miss the previous RC Investigations novels from USA Today bestseller, V.R. Marks: The Thief, The Witness, The Hostage, and The Informant.

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