Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tribes (The ZipCode Wars) by Toni Edge

Tribes (The ZipCode Wars) by Toni Edge
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There exists a forgotten breed of children in the urban undergrounds of New York City. They are shape shifters, shadow walkers, guardians, shamans, and medicine people. They call themselves the forgotten ones or “tribes.” They are the heralds of an ancient gene pool, but they haven’t been forgotten. Something is hunting them.

It’s Mara Pearson’s sixteenth birthday. Her mother is missing and she’s discovered that she’s a shape shifter. During her search she discovers the recent teenage abductions in the neighborhood may have a dark connection with her mother’s disappearance. Desperate to find answers, she joins the 11207 tribe, a group of magical misfits who agree to help her. When the tribe’s leader is struck down by a hidden enemy, Mara is forced to take over. Mara will have to rescue a tribe member, find her mother, and stop a mystical menace in her neighborhood. Dirty cops, angry drug lords, and rival tribes will be child’s play by comparison. Mara will soon discover that keeping one’s promises isn’t as easy as she thought.

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