Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anora's Pride by Kathleen Lawless Excerpt

Anora's Pride by Kathleen Lawless

Anora King doesn't say she's married when she moves to a new town, but her neighbors leap to that conclusion. For Anora, struggling to raise money for her brother's operation, the deceit has its advantages, until the new marshal comes to town.

Jesse Quantrill is shocked to find himself lusting after a married woman, but Anora doesn't act married and her mixture of innocence and feisty determination is irresistible. If the two fall in love it will be the town's biggest scandal but, no matter how hard they try to stay apart, lawbreakers, riots and ructions drive them into each other's arms.


     “You best sit down.” Anora picked up the sheet, bit it between her teeth, then tore a two-inch strip from end to end. “I don’t want you passing out on me.”
     “Don’t tell me you think I’m a weakling?”
     “No. I think you lost more blood than either of us realized at the time. Hold your hand out straight.”
     He flopped down onto the cot and set the lantern on the floor next to him. As he held his injured hand toward her, palm up, she couldn’t help
but be aware of the way his long legs splayed forward, one on either side of her.
     Her mouth went dry. Her hands shook slightly as she wound the white cotton strip around and around his palm, split the end with her teeth, and  knotted it tight. “There. That ought to hold. You
should get the doc to dress it properly tomorrow.”
     “It’s fine the way you did it.”
     She shot him a wary glance. His words sounded a trifle slurred. Impossible to tell in the lamp light if his color was off. “You feeling okay?”
     “Never better.”  Inch by inch his legs slowly closed together,
trapping her between his thighs. Anora’s balance faltered and she planted her hands on his shoulders  to steady herself. He turned his head and placed a searing kiss on the inside of her bare forearm. The
heat from his lips ricocheted through her like a shooting star. Slowly she sank down in front of him, aware of every sinew of strength where his powerful legs gripped her tight.
     She swayed toward him, fingers plowing through his hair where it brushed the back of his collar. She wet her lips, parted them slightly. The wait seemed forever before he captured her mouth beneath his.
     As their lips touched, they groaned in unison. The kiss deepened. This time Anora knew to part her lips. To expect the delicious sensation of Jesse’s tongue wrapping itself around hers. Sweeping the inside of her mouth in a way that turned her bones to liquid.
     Jesse’s arms closed around her and crushed her against him. She could feel her nipples tingle as they met the hard wall of his chest. His hands roamed possessively across her back from the base of her spine to just above her shoulders, then back again, lower this time. He cupped her bottom in a shockingly delightful way, urging her hips closer
against the juncture of his legs.
     Anora felt the manly stirring of him; evidence of his arousal that swept her away on a dangerous, uncharted current of excitement.  She murmured in disappointment as his lips left hers, then sighed in pleasure as his plundering mouth found the sensitive hollow between her shoulder and neck. She arched her spine, her head lolling back as his lips wrought their magic on the sensitized skin of her neck.
     She stiffened slightly as she felt his fingers wriggle down inside the neckline of her gown beneath her underpinnings, but when he brushed
the nipple of one breast, a sensation so exquisite shot through her, she jerked taut in his arms. Her mouth formed a round O of surprise, before he once again claimed it for his own. Jockeying himself into a reclining position, he tugged her prone atop him.
     Sprawled across Jesse, Anora was frustrated anew by the layers of clothing between them. She managed to unfasten the buttons fronting his shirt and allow herself the pleasure of touching his chest.
     How his flat, masculine nipples hardened when she grazed them with her thumbnail. His breath caught as she ran her palms lingeringly through the crisp black V of hair peppering his breastbone. Daringly she edged her fingers down near his navel, dangerously close to the fastening of his pants. All the while his mouth and tongue were teaching her new and wonderful ways a man and woman kissed.
     She felt the insistent pressure as he ground his hips against hers, and she accommodatingly rolled her hips in return, a move that elicited a groan of pure masculine pleasure. He grabbed a handful of her skirt and pushed it up out of the way. His fingers snaked their way past her stocking tops, branding the bare skin at the top of her thigh.

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