Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Double Vision (Unknown Identities #2) by Regan Black Review

Title: Double Vision
Series: Unknown Identities #2
Author: Regan Black
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Pages: 92
Price: $2.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: Great combination of genres.

Book Synopsis:

A disavowed spy has his long-awaited vengeance in sight...

Framed as a traitor, Adam Maxwell opted to lend his expertise to Unknown Identities, with the understanding that someday he'd get a chance to get even with the man who set him up. An orphan, giving up his past proved easier than surrendering his normal vision to the UI research scientists.

To Selena Vaccaro, owner of a showroom in NYC's Garment District, family is everything. So when her cousin is kidnapped, she agrees to trade a valuable watch for her cousin's life, but what should have been a relatively simple exchange turns complicated in the blink of an eye.

Adam doesn't know how or why Selena is connected to his nemesis, but he can't let her involvement change his plan for revenge. Until he realizes she offers something far more valuable - a chance to be loved.


I love paranormal romance and enjoy romantic suspense. When I discovered this series from Regan Black, I was immediately intrigued. The combination of the two genres is genius. If you love the excitement of romantic suspense and the feel of paranormal romance, you're going to love this series. Double Vision is book two of the series and is filled with excitement. If you're looking for something incredible, read this series!

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