Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tasting Temptation by Charity Parkerson

Tasting Temptation by Charity Parkerson

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson:
Bestselling Author Charity Parkerson's "Sexy Witches" series and her "Undefeated" series collide in Tasting Temptation.Guardian Angel Gideon Black has found a new career since being granted his freedom from the Heavens. Working as a professional fighter has given Gideon a place to release his powers. However, he has another outlet in mind--Skylar Jones.

For Skylar, Gideon is a fantasy man whom she never dreamed could be a reality, but a parking lot collision will end in a very unexpected way.

Find out what happens when desire beyond definition comes to life.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes that are not intended for readers under 18.

The "Sexy Witches" series:

  • The Sexy & The Undead
  • Wanted: Hexed or Alive
  • The Pixie & The Prince
  • Tasting Temptation
  • The Wizard & The Wanton

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