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A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution by Dr. Gordon Pedersen Excerpt

A New Fighting Chance: Silver Solution by Dr. Gordon Pedersen
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What are silver solutions? How do they work? Which type is best? How do I use it?

All of these questions are answered by world-renowned expert and silver researcher Dr. Gordon Pedersen. Dr. Pedersen goes into great detail in this book explaining how the most effective silver solutions work and the latest in silver technology. In addition you'll find and A-Z listing of protocols for using silver with various conditions. Also included in this new edition are sections specifically on women's health issues and using silver with animals and pets.

"Four out of every ten women ask about, or inform their physicians that they take alternative medications. Physicians must take note and be informed. Information must come from persons who are trained, knowledgeable, credentialed and of exceptional integrity. Dr. Pedersen epitomizes all of that and is personally responsible for my enlightenment in the field of complimentary medicine. Read and experience a ray of sunshine for your patients and yourself in these trying times of medicine."

- Dr. Barry S May, MD, Gynecology, FACOG

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What is this New Structured Silver?

Silver is today where penicillin was 80 years ago, but it won’t have penicillin’s problems and won’t require a prescription.  It comes in many forms, the most popular of which are liquid and gel.

Liquid silver is a remarkably simple antimicrobial solution.  It is composed of 0.001% pure metallic silver and 99.999% pure water.

The new structured silver is also alkaline.  And that’s it.  All other silver liquids are acidic.  The alkaline structured silvers are manufactured with high intensity electromagnetic pulses at a frequency that produces an alkaline charge.  This is great for the body because it is designed to work in conjunction with the human body and can be taken every day.  While the acidic forms of silver are good for temporary relief, their acidic nature makes it more difficult on your body to take on a regular basis.

Although it may have a faint metallic or medicine-like taste to it, the new silver is a clear liquid that looks and smells like water.  That’s because it is 99.999% water.  Yet it is changing the way we think of preventive medicine.

It is safe enough to self-administer and yet destroys the cause of the most dangerous diseases known to humanity.  It is changing the way we prevent disease and defend ourselves against contagious diseases because it works even when we don’t know what the disease is.

It destroys the cause of disease and does so with a greater spectrum of activity than any antibiotic, making it a natural alternative to antibiotics.  Yet, unlike most pharmaceutical products, it has no side effects.

The silver particles have specific and unique characteristics, including a specific size, a specific electron configuration, a specific magnetic resonance, a specific pH, a specific magnetic signature, and a specific structuring effect on the water molecules.  Silver technology has made huge improvements over the old-style colloidal silvers of 100 years ago.

The resulting combination of silver and water has some very unusual properties.  Some of these effects are best understood through the lens of physics as opposed to chemistry.  Considering that most people view their health through the lens of biochemistry, the effectiveness of this new silver can catch people by surprise.

If you are using a silver liquid that is acidic, ionic, or does not use structured water, you are not using the latest and most effective products.


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