Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bikinis in Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries) by Kathi Daley

Bikinis in Paradise (Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries) by Kathi Daley
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When the Tropical Tan Corporation descends on Maggie's Hideaway, the lakeside resort where Tj Jensen lives, she must juggle a bikini contest, BBQ cookoff, missing model, and dead chaperone while her father is out of town. Lead deputy Dylan Caine is on vacation while his sister is in town leaving assistant deputy Roy Fisher in charge. When Roy asks Tj for her help they find that there may be more going on than anyone realized. With Kyle and Jenna's help they dig into the lives of those involved to find a motive for murder.


“In all your life have you ever seen so many butts?” Amber Walton, Maggie’s Hideaway’s newest employee, commented as twenty-five scantily dressed models gathered on the lawn in front of the lodge. The Tropical Tan Corporation, which had been selling tanning lotion for the past fifty years, took selecting Ms. Tropical Tan seriously. Not only was each contestant physically fit and genetically blessed but each model was tasked with proving her overall intelligence as well as her ability to speak articulately in front of a variety of people.
“It does seem like the suits get smaller every year,” Tj Jensen agreed. She watched as the fans lined up to talk to their favorite model. Each and every one of the finalists for the spokesmodel contest were darkly tanned and exceptionally beautiful. The judges were going to have a difficult time picking one winner out of the group.
“When the girl with the skin-colored thong showed up, I had to take a second look to make sure she had on anything at all,” Amber added. “I know it’s not polite to stare and I tried to look away, but my eyes keep driftin’ back.”
Tj laughed. “They don’t have bikinis where you come from?”
“Not like the ones these girls are wearin’.”
“The models are all eager to make a good first impression,” Tj explained as the models greeted the group of men and women who had gathered to meet them. “Popularity is an important factor to the judges when deciding who will make the best spokesmodel, so the girl with the biggest following from the crowd usually wins.”
“If my mama was here, she’d be runnin’ around prayin’ for these girls’ salvation while wrappin’ every one of them in one of the towels housekeepin’ has stacked by the pool.”

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