Saturday, May 3, 2014

Callie's Honor by Kathleen Lawless Review

Title: Callie's Honor
Author: Kathleen Lawless
Genre: Western Romance
Pages: 310
Price: $2.99
Thoughts: Sexy.

Book Synopsis:

After the unmourned death of her brutal husband, Callie Lambert looks forward to peaceful years of hard work on her isolated Oregon ranch doing things her way. All too soon a handsome stranger shows up, a man who slowly chips away at her strong fa├žade and turns her dreams of solitude upside down. A drifter with a mission, Rafe Millar seeks only revenge for his brother's murder, and then he will move on. But something about Callie's proud, defiant green eyes makes him care more than he wants to, or should. Despite their wariness, neither can resist reaching out toward the promise of sharing a precious, golden love.


Whoo. Make sure the air conditioning is on before reading this one. Callie's Honor by Kathleen Lawless is sexy, steamy, and a real treat for those that love western romance. I've recently become a huge fan of the genre and this one was really good. Can't wait to read more in the series.


  1. Sounds great will put it on my TBR list.

  2. I have added to my list of must reads. I love Kathleen Lawless's writing style. Never disappointed !

  3. ordered to read


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