Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hollywood Scandal by Julie Rowe - $0.99 Goodie

Hollywood Scandal by Julie Rowe

Down-on-her-luck doctor Calla Roberts is one crisis short of a total breakdown. She’s seen too much death, destruction, and betrayal to believe in fairy tales, let alone in men who claim to be trustworthy. Which is why Alex Hardy irritates the crap out of her. Even if her career wasn’t in jeopardy—and he wasn’t sexy as sin—she’d never fall for one of his schemes. Maybe.

Hotshot attorney Alex Hardy never lies. Mostly. In order to keep the press and his family at arms’ length, he needs Calla to be his fake fiancée. And while the lie goes against everything he stands for, the bigger lie is the one he’s been telling himself—that he’s only pretending to fall for the sultry doctor.

When an actor attempts to discredit Calla and Alex champions her desperate cause, Calla can’t help but wonder if good guys actually exist. But Alex’s lies are slowly unraveling, and it won’t be long before Calla discovers who Alex really is…

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