Friday, May 16, 2014

"How to" Book of Meetings by J H Hood - FREEBIE!

"How to" Book of Meetings by J H Hood
FREE - May 16th - 18th

Have you just been asked to chair a meeting, or take the minutes, or set up a meeting agenda? Need some help? Would samples of an agenda or minutes be useful? What about some techniques for chairing a meeting or dealing with difficult people? Then this “How to ...” book is for you.
In it you will find:

• how to decide whether there should be meeting
• how to set up the agenda
• the importance of setting timeframes in the agenda—and sticking to them
• how to make sure that time is not wasted and the important items are covered
• how to chair the meeting
• how to stop time wasters and to make sure you spend the right time on the right topics
• how the minute taker can collect the right information during the meeting
• how to write the minutes
• how to get the best out of the participants
• how to deal with difficult people

There are also:

• a checklist for the meeting chair
• agenda example and agenda template
• minutes example and minutes template
• a checklist for how to improve your meetings
• checklist for getting the best out of people
• a checklist for the minute taker
• a checklist for dealing with disagreements, differences and conflict

Turn your meetings into ones that:

• are packed with all the right information
• make excellent decisions
• foster good team work

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