Friday, May 9, 2014

Restored (Shattered #2) by Heather D'Agostino Book Trailer

Restored (Shattered #2) by Heather D'Agostino

If the person you loved betrayed you, could you forgive them?

When Leah refused to leave with him, Nick did the unthinkable…he ran into the arms of another woman. Hurt and confused, Leah turned to an old flame…Will Davis, a trainer who she’d met in Atlanta.

When Will asks Leah to come to Wilmington with him on a scouting trip, she reluctantly agrees. After all…she never thought she’d see Nick again.

Nick, now a successful football coach for the University of Wilmington, lives in a beautiful beach front property. He spends his mornings running on the beach, and his afternoons at football practice. He never expected to see the one girl he couldn’t forget…here in his town.

Can a Shattered relationship ever be Restored?

This book contains profanity and sexual situations. It may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 17.

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