Friday, May 2, 2014

Shadow Chaser (Love and Shadow Novella) by K. Huber Excerpt

Shadow Chaser (Love and Shadow Novella) by K. Huber
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Her training prepared her for a shadow invasion, but it never prepared her for him.

Sonia Lowe is a shadow chaser with one purpose; destroy a shadow before it possesses a human. This is not because of her fondness of other people. In fact, she finds most people aggravating, but none more than Nick Hamilton. Her irritation at his persistent meddling only rivals her undeniable attraction to him.

A battle for a young woman’s soul brings them together. But will Sonia walk away from Nick when the fighting ends?


Nick looked up to see Sonia walking past him. She held a silver dagger in each hand and extended her arms out as if trying to defend him and the screaming girl at his side. He looked to see what Sonia seemed so focused on only to find the darkness of an empty alley.
“We need to report this.” He dug in his jacket for his phone.
“You need to run. The police can’t help him,” Sonia argued without moving her eyes from her target. “Take the girl and stay away from the shadows.”
 “Not to be Mr. Obvious, but it’s the middle of the night. It’s all shadow.” He turned his attention back to Sonia. “I didn’t make detective by running.”
Sonia continued to watch the ripple in the air. They would come through any moment and she couldn’t kill the shadows and protect Nick with his sobbing companion. She shoved a dagger in her belt allowing a free hand to remove the sapphire ring from her finger. Throwing it directly above her she yelled, “Light!”
Brilliant blue and blinding white beams burst from the ring, illuminating the alley as if it were high noon. The ring continued to hover in the air as if being held by an invisible hand.
Once his eyes adjusted to the intense light, Nick’s jaw fell open in awe.
The constant crying stopped and his shoulder felt her weight as the young woman fainted from fright.
Beyond the blonde vixen, dark transparent figures swarmed out of thin air. The shadow horde visibly slowed when the noticed Sonia standing tall and unmoving in front of them. Nick drew his gun and stood to join the woman in defending the unconscious girl behind them.
Sonia whispered, “Your gun won’t protect you from this.” Taking a deep breath, she felt the inner calmness that always preceded battle. “Now do as I say and take the girl. I got this.”
In an instant, she launched at a group of shadows trying to use the dumpster as a shield. She let her dagger fly through the air ahead of her as she pulled the other blade from her belt and lunged at the remaining figures. Flashes of light exploded around her as she slaughtered the darkness. More black figures appeared in the air seeking retribution for their fallen. Sonia grabbed her second dagger from the pavement turning for a moment to meet Nick’s piercing green eyes. “Run!”
Realizing the police academy didn’t prepare him for this, he turned and threw the unconscious girl over his shoulder and ran out of the alley. Relieved, Sonia put her full attention on the battle at hand.

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