Friday, May 30, 2014

Water From the Moon (Futures & Securities) by Terese Ramin

Water From the Moon (Futures & Securities) by Terese Ramin
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RWA Golden Heart Award Winner Terese Ramin presents Water From the Moon...

Cameron Smith, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, was not the kind of businessman who personally dealt with violently emerging third world countries, yet that’s where he found himself.

Acasia Jones, a hostage retrieval expert, had known Cameron since they were teenagers. Their friendship had been accidental and immediate and love quickly followed. But fate had steered them apart, and only now, 16 years later, did it force them back together in the midst of machine gun fire and a race for survival in the South American rainforest.

Would he understand her life choices and the terrifying experiences on which they were based? Would she allow him to bridge her protective barriers? Or would their love remain elusive… like WATER FROM THE MOON?

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