Friday, May 9, 2014

Words at Work: The "How to" Book of Writing Skills - FREEBIE!

Words at Work: The "How to" Book of Writing Skills by J H Hood

Have you ever been frustrated by your boss constantly making changes to your documents?
Annoyed at the time it takes to write something?
Sick of sending emails that don't get read?
Been asked to write a report and don't know where to start?
Are people just not getting your message?
Then this book of writing skills is for you!
In this 70 page guide you will find practical and proven techniques to write clearly, concisely and quickly. Each section of the guide covers key points for writing well at work, including:
  • the importance of identifying your audience, and then how to write for it
  • using Plain English to get your message across
  • how to structure your document
  • the seven secrets to good email
  • how to write sharp, accurate letters and memos
  • how to use the simple tool of the mind map to improve your writing
  • what to consider when you have been asked to write a report
  • the key points of a resume, a cover letter and the job application
  • getting on top of punctuation, spelling and confusing words
  • business writing and report writing techniques
Good workplace writing is about getting a positive answer to the question: Will your reader understand what you want them to know or do? This guide will give you the skills to get that positive answer - quickly and well.

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