Thursday, June 12, 2014

Core Punch: A Baker & Ban!drn Adventure: An Uneasy Future by Pauline Baird Jones

Core Punch: A Baker & Ban!drn Adventure: An Uneasy Future by Pauline Baird Jones

Spinning off The Big Uneasy Series and with a guest appearance from Project Enterprise…

Welcome to…An Uneasy Future 1.0:

Core Punch
A Baker & Ban!drn Adventure

A kiss may be all they have life expectancy for.

When an intergalactic cop exchange program serves up an alien partner for NONPD Detective Violet Baker, she can’t help wishing the handsome alien would be a little less Joe Friday about keeping the pleasure out of their business. Yeah, he’s kind of purple and she can’t pronounce his name to save her life, but he’s almost the only guy in the New Orleans New police department that she’s not related to.

Dzholh “Joe” Ban!drn has come a long way hunting the evil that has infiltrated Vi’s floating city. When he meets his charming partner, he discovers another reason to stamp out evil. If only he wasn’t keeping so many secrets from her…

When an epic hurricane heads their way, they are sent dirt side to New Orleans Old (NOO) on a rescue mission. But murder and sabotage strands them in the heart of the raging storm.

As they fight for their lives, Joe realizes that the evil he’s hunting is actually hunting them….

What others have to say about the Project Enterprise series:

“Action is the name of the game as a feisty and hard-hitting heroine rises to the challenge in this rousing space adventure.” RT Book Reviews about The Key

“Time paradoxes run amok in this extraordinarily complex tale. Amongst the densely packed and mind-bending action, there's also some welcome humor. A spectacular ride!” RT Book Reviews about Girl Gone Nova

What other have to say about the Big Uneasy series:

“Grinning and loving it, RELATIVELY RISKY by creative talent Pauline Bard Jones is a hoot!” SingleTitles

“With just the right amount of detail, Jones hits it out of the park and leaves readers wanting more…” A Girl and Her Kindle about Relatively Risky

Announcing the launch of a series spinning off of THE BIG UNEASY and PROJECT ENTERPRISE: AN UNEASY FUTURE. Welcome to the future. Much has changed in future New Orleans, but some things never will. The food. The music. The crime rate...


Her heat sensor pinged. She looked, then looked back outside. “There’s something out there.” The heat signature had been wrong for a person, though….
Vil stole another quick look. “A dog. Domestic.”
“How can you tell?”
“It’s been tagged.” Dirt-siders were required to tag their pets, just like up-siders. Man, it figured. She’d never seen a vid where the dog didn’t run off at the wrong time. She took another quick look at the data. “Crapeau. It belonged to our vic.” Maybe it hadn’t run off. She didn’t want to say it, but she had to. “We need to pick it up.”
“It’s a canine—”
“It’s also a potential witness.” It wouldn’t have any trace evidence left on it, thank you, WTF, but domestic pet idents have been legalized maybe forty years ago. Personally, Vi didn’t trust a cat ID. Cats were genius, but so bitter. She’d seen a case where she knew the cat was yanking their chains. Luckily some evidence surfaced that cleared the guy, because that cat hated him. “Why is it here? If it was dumped, then it was probably the killer that did it.” She gave him a quick look. That was the most expression she’d seen on his face ever. “We have to make a reasonable attempt to secure a potential witness.”

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