Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fatal Debt by Dorothy Howell Review

Title: Fatal Debt
Series: A Dana Mackenzie Mystery
Author: Dorothy Howell
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 202
Price: $7.99
Thoughts: Loved It!

Book Synopsis:

Dana Mackenzie finds herself working for a faceless financial institution—it’s either this or piercing ears at the mall—and while she’s grateful for a job, she has no intentions of following the corporate offices’ heartless orders.

When she’s instructed to repossess a 42-inch Sony television from an elderly couple, Dana intends to put her own twist on the assignment. But upon arriving at their run down house in a gang infested neighborhood, she’s horrified to find sweet old Mr. Sullivan murdered.

The homicide detective investigating the case is Nick Travis, Dana’s high school crush. Sparks ignite, but a dark secret threatens to keep them apart—unless Nick comes clean about the past.

Dana agrees to help Mr. Sullivan’s grieving family locate his grandson, a guy with a surprising new lifestyle who’s been missing since the day of the murder. Her good intentions put her in the thick of the murder investigation and on a collision course with the killer.


This is the second book I've read of Dorothy Howell's and I absolutely LOVED this one. The characters are great, the mystery is great, and the background stories on the characters leave you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book in this series. If you love cozy mysteries, read this series!

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