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Fight For Me (Invitation to Eden Series) by Sharon Page Excerpt

Fight For Me (Invitation to Eden Series) by Sharon Page

An Invitation to Eden Release for May! Welcome to Eden, a series from 27 of the biggest names in romance. Fight for Me is a sizzling story from New York Times Bestselling author Sharon Page…

I had to drop out of college to raise my son after his dad, bad boy MMA fighter Ryder King, and I broke up. Ryder is so haunted by demons he won’t let me into his heart. Fame, fortune, and fighting didn’t bring him any peace, and I knew, for the sake of our child, I had to leave him.

That’s when I started seeing Ryder’s best friend, Xavier Malone, a former fighter who built a billion dollar empire. Xavier is powerful and handsome, but also caring and wonderful with my son. We were friends at first and now I’m falling for him—but I’m scared to commit.

Then I receive an invitation to the island of Eden, a luxurious resort where I can live my every sensual fantasy. I’m certain Xavier sent it. But after I leave my son with my mom and fly to Eden, I discover I’m in the middle of a grudge match between Xavier and Ryder. They are going to fight for me: inside the ring in a charity match, and outside it—where they both plan to seduce the pants off me. But I have a surprise for them too.

Fight for Me is also a Yardley College Alumni story. For readers 18 years of age +

Length: 45,500 words / 148 pages


In Eden’s gym, he’s drilling his fists into a punching bag, knocking it back and forth, his broad shoulders bunching with each punch. His tanned skin gleams with sweat. Droplets of perspiration roll down his back.
Each diamond-like drop slides down, follows the valley of his spine, and disappears under the waistband of his low slung boxing shorts.
His short blond hair is so damp it’s turned a caramel color. He tosses his head, sending off a spray of moisture. When he punches, his core is sucked in so hard I can see the ridged shape of every muscle.
The material of his shorts hugs his muscular ass. He trains barefoot, moving fluidly as each punch sends a loud thud through the large workout room.
I watch another drop of sweat skate down his back.
Wouldn’t I love to be able to catch it with my tongue?
Oh God.
He stops hitting the bag and turns. He grins at me. “Hey, Tessa, have you decided to stay?” He grabs a towel and rubs his hair, then slugs back water from his bottle.
That’s the thing with Ryder—I am still mesmerized by his every movement.
I nod.
He sets his bottle down and approaches me. “I remember so much every time I’m with you,” he says softly. “It’s funny—now that we don’t live together, I’m flooded with memories the moment I see you. Memories of our first date. Our first kiss. The first time we went to the club...”
I know what club he means and the memory makes shivers tumble down my back.
Our first night at the BDSM club had been magically erotic. Spell binding. For one whole night, we were focused on each other, on sex, on kinky fantasies.
My fantasies are limited to being tied up and a little bit of spanking. Ryder was okay with that. And exceptionally amazing at making my fantasies come true.
He moves closer. He’s pulled off his gloves, leaving his hands bare except for the slightly frayed tape over his knuckles. His familiar scent is driving me crazy—the combination of musky sweat, his favorite soap, and a touch of his aftershave.
Ryder—” I don’t even know what I intend to say. He strokes my long hair back over my shoulder and his fingers slide under the strap of my sundress. He doesn’t try to slip it down, he uses it to keep his fingertips trapped against my skin. He just strokes me. “I remember the first time I saw you wearing a ball gag and a blindfold.”
The imagine turns me on instantly. And he knows it, so I tartly respond, “I remember the first time I saw you in leather pants and nothing else.”
I squirm at the memory, realizing my plan to tease him backfired. I’m more inflamed than before. After all, in Dom wear, Ryder was so hot he should be illegal.

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