Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Queen's Knight: Invitation to Eden by Sara Fawkes

Queen's Knight: Invitation to Eden by Sara Fawkes

Evan McQueen had his entire life planned out. Poised to potentially take over a multi-billion dollar corporation, this trip to the island resort of Eden is Evan’s chance to make a good impression on the billionaire CEO. He thought he knew where his life was going…until a blonde vision stomping across the hotel lobby wearing dirt bike boots shattered all his preconceived notions.

Serving temporarily as the island’s tour guide and resident mechanic, Dani has seen countless guests come and go from Eden. She should be focusing on her upcoming ‘round-the-world journey and the day-to-day life of the island, not the man who sets her heart on fire. As much as she knows it’s temporary—they both have their own lives to lead—Dani can’t get Evan out of her head…or her heart.

Dani Knight is unlike anybody Evan’s ever encountered, a woman unafraid to defy convention. She immediately fascinates Evan, and he can’t seem to get enough of her. The more he reveals, the more she sees a kindred spirit in need of guidance, but she can’t make his decisions for him. She’s seen the island work miracles before, but can it bring together two souls going down vastly different paths?

An "Invitation To Eden" novella set within the world of ANYTHING HE WANTS.

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