Friday, June 20, 2014

Sequence of Self by Don Balch - GET IT FREE!

Sequence of Self by Don Balch

January Winston, mother of two, escapes her troubled past through education and petty white-collar crime. After she’s brutally attacked in her own home, she finds strength in her children and must decide if she’s better off with or without her partner-in-crime and his doomed schemes of revenge.


The cop coughed. “They can’t see you.”

Before January could brace herself, the room erupted in green light: deep, dark, ocean-green, and she faced off against five men, all of whom stood in this light, all of whom squinted into the window. The cop with the cough moved behind her, his hack grotesquely productive. 

One of the lineup men adjusted his posture. January's abdomen clenched. He had crazy hair, sharp, shaven cheekbones. She didn’t recognize him, but there was something about his small bird eyes. They darted toward her, not quite random; she flinched, focused on a crack in the concrete floor. Behind her, the cop cleared his throat, and she bristled at movement near her shoulder.

She managed to raise her head.

Behind the glass, the suspect’s Adam’s Apple was more of a shard caught in his throat. It seemed familiar, yet until a voice came over a loudspeaker instructing the men to rotate, she couldn't decide, not until they had all turned away from her, backs and palms forward. It wasn't the man's hands, exactly, it wasn't the calluses or the spider-web palm prints, it wasn't some overtly identifying detail. It was the space within his palms, the void between palm heel and middle fingertip that she knew was capable of covering her entire face. When the man flexed his fingers, she recalled the strength in the curve of his thumb.

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  1. The synopsis has me intrigued as does the excerpt! I love free so I'll be downloading this today..thanks!


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