Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Big, Not-So-Small, Curvy Girls Dating Agency by Ava Catori Review

Title: The Big, Not-So-Small, Curvy Girls Dating Agency
Series: Plus Daisies: BBW Romance, Book 1
Author: Ava Catori
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 158
Price: FREE
Thoughts: Awesome chick lit!

Book Synopsis:

Becky Holgate's lost her focus. It’s complicated...she didn’t mean to fall in love with another woman’s guy. How could she be a matchmaker for other people if all she could think about was her own heart? Determined to ignore her growing infatuation, she set her site on building her career. Only Reed Amwell was making it hard to concentrate; every encounter left her breathless.

Reed didn’t mean to fall for the curvy girl, but she was carefree, silly, and fresh. Her soft curves and playful heart had him questioning his current relationship. Could he be with the wrong girl? He needed to figure it out fast, because his wedding day was getting closer by the minute.

With a laugh-out-loud best friend, an insane cat, and a business to run, Becky Holgate didn’t have time for guys like Reed Amwell...until time was running out.


As a big, beautiful woman I have to say that the first thing that struck me about this book was my ability to relate to Becky. So much of what she feels are feelings that I've had about my body. All seriousness aside though, this book is awesome. It's funny, sexy, and down-to-earth. If you've looking for awesome chick-lit, this is it! Can't wait to read book two!

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  1. I love a good, laugh-out-loud book and this sounds like it'll be just that. Thanks for sharing


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