Saturday, June 28, 2014

Together Always: Spirit Travel Romance (Vicarage Bench Series) by Mimi Barbour Review

Title: Together Always
Series: Vicarage Bench Series
Author: Mimi Barbour
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Pages: 186
Price: $2.99
Thoughts: Impossible to put down.

Book Synopsis:

A new body, a new life...
Because of a facial disfigurement, Nurse Grace Joye has never felt beautiful, and when she's told a brain tumor will end her life within a matter of weeks, she's devastated. Grace's friend, psychiatrist Dr. Robert Andrews has been experimenting with spirit travel. He suggests that Grace transfers her spirit to the body of his newest patient--Mrs. Vanessa Knight, a gorgeous-looking woman who is soon to be released from life-support. Grace doesn't need much convincing to take this drastic step. She will live on and realize her two dreams: to be a mother, and be loved by a man. Only to hear her soon-to-be husband's whispered words just before the life-support is switched off: "Good-bye, darling. I'm glad I'll never have to see you again."

Lucas Knight has been contentedly preparing for Vanessa's death. Throughout their marriage, this volatile woman had become increasingly vicious towards him and their young son. Therefore, he's appalled and traumatized when, miraculously, she comes out of her coma. Strangely, this girl isn't anything like the witch he'd said goodbye to. He could love this gentle angel. But, can he trust her to stay this way?


I love this series. Each book in the Vicarage Bench Series is such a sweet romance. Together Always was a great read. I loved the storyline of a woman who was hated by her husband coming back from near death, only to be a sweet, kind, and loving woman. This is one story you'll find impossible to put down.


  1. First, that's an awesome cover. Second, wow this sounds like a truly amazing concept and I cannot wait to read this! Thank you for sharing!


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