Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Viking's Desire: Sexy-Romance Novel by Catherine Sharp - FREE

Viking's Desire: Sexy-Romance Novel: A Viking Love Story by Catherine Sharp
FREE - June 10th and 11th

Sailing to the west of the Norse lands, the Vikings lay siege to an English castle inland. After spying a raven haired beauty, who turns out to be Lillian, the lord’s daughter, Eriik, the Viking Jarl, is determined to take more than Saxon riches back to his home.

In order to save her beloved home from complete destruction, Lillian accompanies Eriik and his band of raiders to his homeland. Little does she know that not only is she losing her home and family, but will soon lose her heart to the wild, handsome Viking as well. For this stubborn, independent beauty, this might be the utmost indignity of all.

Viking’s Desire is not only a sexy love story, but an exploration as well. It takes the reader from the quiet knolls of England to the stormy, remote terrain of the Vikings... a thrilling, romantic adventure from start to finish.

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