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Finding Vern by Darcy Bellows (Mascorro) Excerpt and Book Trailer

Finding Vern: A love so strong not even death could part it by Darcy Bellows (Mascorro)

A true life GHOST story.

Finding Vern is the incredible true story of a friendship that spanned decades and culminated in the love of a lifetime. However, just as Vern and Darcy are beginning to settle into their lives of newly found happiness, a day comes that changes everything.

Beginning as a skeptic of all things unproven, Darcy embarks on a journey into the paranormal, world religion, and psychic mediums. She is surprised to find that nothing is what she once thought it to be. Meanwhile Vern begins down his own path toward accepting and understanding. Darcy slowly learns to embrace this new world where she finds more than she ever thought possible, hope and purpose.

Finding Vern will give skeptics cause to re-evaluate and believers a new slant on an area they thought they knew. Regardless which camp you currently reside in, this book is a must read for all.


Journal Entry: Letter to Vern, April 24, 2009

Mascorro my love,

The crossover ceremony is tonight. Your friends and family will be honoring you. I get so lost for words when people want to know how I am doing. I am so happy to know we are still connected, but I also miss our physical time together. I want to share with everyone how your spirit lives on very strong and that you are actively with us. But, most sort of give me the Oh, ok.Give me strength to make you proud.

Yours eternally, Darcy

When we arrived at the crossover ceremony, the air was filled with the smell of sage smoke. There were hundreds of people dressed in Native Indian regalia. It was spectacular. I saw feather headdresses, boots, beads, colorful skirts, and beautiful jewelry made of bone, nuts and stones. There was face and body paint and the sound of the drums beating in synch with the heart. I was mesmerized by the fire, the sounds, and the sights. I could feel my thoughts being taken away. It was almost hypnotic.

Verns mom, Henri, stood out in a crowd. She was strong, radiating with light filled healing energy. She still stood as a pillar of strength, but now she had an ever-present sadness behind her eyes.

Henri was dressed in a beautiful buckskin leather dress. She had turquoise silver native rings on all of her fingers. During the ceremony, she did a dance for her son. It was so moving. I could see Verns tears streaming down in my minds eye. I did not know how she did it, but she found the strength to dance and honor her son. The sound of the drums was hypnotizing. It was a six-hour mystical ceremony of dancing, drumming, chanting, and fire. All dedicated to my love. I felt awe and reverence; it was mesmerizing. When they chanted into the fire, the smoke seemed to plume in different colors.

That night, we returned to Verns parentshomethe home Vern grew up in. I pulled up to the side of the house on the street just outside of Verns childhood room. I had to stop because two feet away from the car, on the street, sat a white dove on the curb. I looked to my friend Blake and I said, Do you see what I see?

“Yeah, I see a dove.” 

Neither one of us could believe our eyes: a white dove, a symbol of peace, sitting on the street outside Verns childhood bedroom! Any other place I would have pulled up, we would not have found this dove. 

Just then, Henri and Mike walked up and immediately noticed the dove. They moved toward it, and the thing just sat still, not flying away like you would expect of a wild bird.

I asked, Is it injured?” 

Henri picked it up, and Mike inspected it, It doesnt look injured.

The kids gathered around and started calling the bird Vern. Mike was perplexed.  He didnt know what to make of this. In his thirty plus years of living at his house, he had never seen a white dove hanging about. Mike spent several hours a week in his yard and in his garden. If he said this bird was not indigenous to the area, I knew that was true. 

Mike left for a minute to find a cage he had built for the injured animals Vern used to bring home as a boy. They placed the bird in it. At no point did the bird try to escape, nor did it appear uneasy about all the human contact. The kids, Henri, and Mike made sure the bird was fed and watered. The miracle dove did eat and drink, proving that it didnt seem to be injured. 

Now I thought to myself, What if one of the family friends bought a dove and placed it on the street or the front porch? Would placing it in the street be the smartest place? It was 1 AM. We had stayed with the tribe until they were ready to pack up. What are the chances the bird would be calmly sitting on the street for hours awaiting our arrival?The other conflict wasa friend would know that Henri and Mike dont normally go out to the street or the front porch when they come home. Normally they would pull their car into the garage in the backyard and enter the house from the back door. Henri and Mike rarely ever entered the house from the front and never pull up on the street. Chances are they would never even notice a bird in the street or on the front porch, if that was the original location. I only pulled up to the street because we were going to stop for a minute to figure out tomorrows plan before heading to the hotel. Even guests usually parked in the backyard. 

That bird, if left by a friend, would have been sitting there for several hours. Even if the bird was purchased and placed there, which I do not believe it was, that bird waited for the family and was in a spot where we all noticedquite remarkable in and of itself. The unexplainable coincidences were starting to add up.

Henri and I together released the dove a few days later. We both knew the magical dove had a big purpose and should be released. As we released it, it left us each a feather. The act of leaving the feather for us also seemed miraculous. In the Native American tradition, the feathers symbolize many things. But most appropriately, they symbolize spirit communication and wisdom of life beyond earth. The dove flew to the balcony and turned toward us and perched. He looked at us for a few minutes then went to a higher perch, did the same thing, and then flew away. We figured the dove was on his way to help other families on this journey.

 Mike and Henri asked the chief what he thought about the dove. He was surprised and said that it was very good omen. I looked up what the sign of the dove meant both in Christianity and in Native American tradition.

Why and What Is Finding Vern? by Darcy Bellows

I finally finished my book Finding Vern. What a journey it’s been.

What is the book about you ask?
I lost my beloved 5 years ago Vern Mascorro, he was and is amazing man and my hero. To say I was shocked when he was dramatically and quickly taken from me is severely understating it. I went on a journey to find his soulor to find out if his consciousness survived death. I became the monk, the reporter, the ghost buster, the psychic, the scientist and the researcher all in one. What I found was more than amazing. The answer is YES the consciousness survives death but there are many more questions and answers to ponder. I share my research, my feelings, my real communication with Vern and unfiltered thought while in this process.

The book is first and foremost a
1) An Epic Love story
2) A philosophical and spiritual journey one that invites the reader to start their own journey
3) Provides evidence of Life after death
This book is for the lover, the philosopher, those grieving in need of healing, the everyday joe and jane that just want more from life, the person who wants inspiration to dive deeper then the shoe sale at Macy’s

I share with you my story in hopes it will help you in times of need, open your heart to someone around you and open your mind to un-tap unrealized human potential.

It’s now the promotion part of the job and though I am in advertising I loathe self promoting it feels boastful (not my style) so I have to ask you my friends, family and new friends to help after all, many of you are successful marketers or just all around kind, wonderful generous people.  At any rate I believe you will enjoy the book as it is Vern and I’s story and it is filled with some remarkable events that will have you question the nature of reality.

Please buy it, read it and then provide an honest review on Amazon.  As an Indie Author the only outlet to  success is through the people. I wrote this book for the "people". I believe miracles happen everyday and we need to share them with each other to help one another get through the difficulties that this life presents.

 I am sure you are all thinking what has Darcy joined a cult or gone nuts, the answer to that is, one day understand you will understand my quest for answers if you don’t already. I also know you all have amazing stories to share on this topic please help me by sharing them. I have a blog in wordpress I also have a Facebook account to share stories with you all and have you share yours. Lastly please share the book link with your networks. Post the description on Facebook, twitter or goodreads, I can’t do this without you, so say you love it which I know you really will, say it’s a must read and ask them to buy it. Indie publishing is hard it depends on word of mouth. It is truly a remarkable story so please pass the word. I am also going to send this note through Facebook and Linkedin so sorry if it’s a duplicate I won’t nag more than one occasion ;).

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a truly amazing book. The fact that it is based on a true story makes me want to read it even more. Thank you for the recommendation!


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