Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ghostwalker (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book One) by Ben Cassidy Review

Title: Ghostwalker
Series: The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book One
Author: Ben Cassidy
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Pages: 230
Price: FREE
Thoughts: Fantasy gold.

Book Synopsis:

Kendril is a Ghostwalker, a man who is dead to his former life and bound by a solemn vow to seek penance for some mysterious dark sin in his past. When a chance encounter in the forest leads him to inadvertently rescue a woman named Jade, a woman who claims not to remember anything about who she is or what has happened to her, Kendril becomes her reluctant guardian.

But after a gang of ruthless bounty hunters comes after Jade, Kendril finds himself thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse where one wrong step will be his last. Now he must use every ounce of daring and cunning he has to escape with his life and to protect the woman he is growing to love, a woman with no past.

But can he trust Jade, or will her secrets lead to his undoing?

Ghostwalker is an action-packed novel of suspense set in the fantasy world of Zanthora. Filled with dark humor and a cast of diverse characters, it is the first book in the Chronicles of Zanthora, the relation of the Fourth War of Despair.


Wow. Just wow! This book immediately sweeps you away to another time and place. It's filled with action and is an awesome fantasy novel. If you're looking for an addictive read, I highly recommend this one. Cassidy has a talent that many authors would envy. He's an amazing storyteller and uses the right amount of descriptive narrative to make the book come to life.


  1. LOVE the blurb and the review! I'm going to amazon to download it for free. Any idea when book 2 will be released?

    1. Looks like there are currently six books in the series available :)

  2. Sounds pretty interesting!


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