Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Summer Love (Seasons of Love Book 2) by Melanie James

A Summer Love (Seasons of Love Book 2) by Melanie James

A summer love isn’t always blue skies and sunny days…
Jenny has something to prove to the men in her life. She's lived her life with her brother Adam watching over her, since the tragic and untimely death of their parents. Most of all, she has to prove to Adam's best friend and partner Jake, that she is no longer the little girl he still sees. When things heat up between the Jake and Jenny, her worst nightmare comes true.
Estranged from his family, Jake has been keeping a secret from everyone that he's come to love and respect, over the years. A secret that could destroy his job on the police force, not to mention the trust he's worked to build with everyone around him. Jake has made some pretty big mistakes with Jenny, and he knows it. Can he convince her of his love before it’s too late?
When Jenny comes under fire by an unknown force, Jake will stop at nothing to protect her, including revealing the secrets that he’s worked hard to keep.
This book contains adult content and is meant for readers over the age of 18. This book contains strong language, violence, and explicit sexual scenes. The book also contains implied sexual violence (as part of a criminal case)

What reviews had to say:

“The cover looks like an idyllic love story between a sweet couple. Open it up and it's like a Pandora’s box of thrill and mystery.”
This is a fantastic story, it will keep you on the edge and take you into the mind of a psycho.”
Never judge a book by its cover.”
Sex, love, a little dark at times but a good dark/light mix. Story line was GREAT and full of suspense!”
“I assumed A Summer Love would be a soft, sweet love story about Adam's little sister, Jenny & his partner, Jake. Not so much! Hot! Thrilling! Couldn't put it down!”


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  1. Those teasers...whoa! Super hot... I'll definitely be checking out this series if the teasers are any indication of how great the books are! Thanks for sharing!


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