Thursday, August 14, 2014

Acadia's Law: Book One, Undying Love Series by Tracy Ellen Review

Title: Acadia's Law
Series: Undying Love Series, Book 1
Author: Tracy Ellen
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Pages: 281
Price: $3.99
Thoughts: A zombie novel you can sink your teeth into.

Book Synopsis:

“Acadia’s Law” is the stand alone first book in the “Undying Love” series, a love story and apocalyptic thriller by Tracy Ellen, the author that brought you “The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod”--

Ask yourself: How would you survive?

Acadia King is a young widow suddenly faced with answering this question, but in ways she could have never dreamed possible at the start of her evening. It has been over two depressingly long years since the death of her husband and Acadia caves under pressure from her good friends to date again. Agreeing to meet a blind date at a hotel bar, Acadia is about to get much more than she ever bargained for on this fateful night! Not only does her unknown date turn out to be a younger, insanely hot man, but the hotel bar where they meet is host to much more than a Casino Night. As a viral outbreak that turns people into homicidal crazies begins to sweep across the Twin Cities, the battle for Acadia and her friends to stay alive is on!

In "Acadia's Law" we meet a heroine solely focused on the protection of everyone and everything she has left, and we meet the hero on a mission to win her cold heart while defending their lives from the relentless threat heading their way in a world gone mad overnight. Be prepared for steamy romance and edge-of-your-seat action in book one of this exciting, new series!

*Adult content


Gets the heart pumping from the very beginning. However, this zombie story isn't just a bunch of cheap thrills. Acadia's Law by Tracy Ellen has an awesome storyline that will keep you flipping the pages. Can't wait for the next one!

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