Monday, August 18, 2014

Help Support the Creation of Michiko Bates Book #1 by Janeil Harricharan

Several years ago, Janeil Harricharan had a story idea he wanted to share. Initially it didn’t quite evolve as he hoped, but after graduating university he finally found the time and focus to make it a reality. Enlisting the help of two members from the popular deviantART community, Janeil is working together with writer Tanya Rodgers and artist/illustrator Katarzyna Kruszyńska to bring this young adult fantasy story to life. The trio is currently crafting the 50,000+ word novel, woven with traditional illustrations throughout the book. It’s the first volume in a planned series of many.

The tale focuses around Michiko Bates, a 17 year old girl who has a knack for tech and using her head. After discovering a pendant that allows her to visit a mysterious world with massive trees, she discovers each leading to yet another different world. After a harrowing first contact through one of these trees, Michiko is determined to go back with a new look and gadgets to see what awaits her. 

After a year’s worth of work and their project well past the halfway mark, Janeil is looking to bring the story to eBook and print. However this comes at a cost, so they’ve started up a Kickstarter to help with this. They’re looking for people to drop by their page, share and back their project. Backers can receive rewards such as DRM-free copies of the eBooks (also print books if the stretch goal is reached) to an autographed 18” x 24” poster of the character Michiko, along with a wallpaper pack of some of the art related to the project.

Also during the past weekend, a preview chapter of this book was released. This can be downloaded at Janeil’s personal website in this post.

Lastly they’ve set up a tumblr to post updates about the Kickstarter and book development in general, showcasing some of the art such as concept sketches.

The character design is unique and a great deal of vision is shown with this project, showing through both the art and the writing. So help them out! They’ll greatly appreciate it.

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