Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lost Love (Dark Visions Book 2) by Jeanette Raleigh Review

Title: Lost Love
Series: Dark Visions, Book 2
Author: Jeanette Raleigh
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 203
Price: $2.99
Thoughts: A powerful fantasy.

Book Synopsis:

They fell in love, but fate tore them apart.

When Stefan has a sacred vision of Emily's death, he pulls away, hoping that distance will protect her. The vision's warning is clear. If he builds a life with Emily, he will watch her and their babe die by the sword of his enemies. The risk is great, but his love for Emily consumes him.

Stefan leaves on a personal quest, hoping to turn aside the vision. He think he's found a way to have Emily for his wife and protect her, but will the cost be too high to bear?

A heart-wrenching tale that will bring tears to your eyes.


Jeanette Raleigh has created a powerful fantasy that will pull at your heartstrings. If you love fantasy and romance novels, this one's for you.

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