Friday, August 29, 2014

Sinfandel by Gina Cresse Review

Title: Sinfandel
Author: Gina Cresse
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 276
Price: $7.99 or FREE for Prime Members
Thoughts: Great characters.

Book Synopsis:

When the body of a young winemaker is discovered during the grape harvest, Kate Cimaglia has no idea there’s a connection between the dead girl and her latest assignment to straighten out the California wine grape harvest database. The last thing Kate needs is a corpse to deal with. She already has narcotics Detective Obermeyer hounding her after a stand of marijuana plants is discovered near her vineyard, and she’s sure her low-life neighbor is the culprit.

On top of that, her lying, cheating ex, Roger, shows up after ten years and wants to pick up where things left off… yeah, like that’s going to happen, especially now that Kate is convinced Roger is the Grass Valley sniper taking potshots at passing cars in the middle of the night.

To make matters worse, she can’t balance the records she’s been hired to fix and it turns out she’s uncovered a massive case of fraud.

And then there’s Kate’s vineyard manager, Andy Carmichael, who must have been in the chiseled-jaw line when God was handing out charm. The two of them didn’t hit it off from the start, and Kate’s not sure they ever will.

When Kate finally unravels the mystery of who forged millions of dollars worth of Zinfandel grapes, she discovers that the dead winemaker figured it out, too. If Kate doesn’t want to suffer the same fate, she has to act fast to save herself.


A great mystery with enjoyable characters. If you love women sleuths, you're going to love this book. Grab a glass of wine, curl up in your favorite chair, and enjoy.

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  1. sounds fantastic! My prime membership is worth having when I find great books like this.. thanks for sharing!!


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