Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Suit: RC Investigations by V.R. Marks Excerpt

The Suit: RC Investigations by V.R. Marks
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One mistake and he's not a bachelor anymore...

FBI Special Agent Dale Nichols is all about closing cases. Until a small town waitress brings him a corruption case that is spiraling out of control. To protect her, he pops the question, putting himself between her and those who want her dead.

Everyone in Haleswood knows Heather Morris simply as the waitress who serves coffee with a smile. So when Dale offers her a chance to make a difference bring down a major crime ring, she leaps at the opportunity to play his fiancee.

As Dale and Heather race to resolve the case, will it be the real enemy or the fake engagement that destroys their chance for a future?

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Mr. FBI was up to something. They’d met all of three times and the first one didn’t count. He’d come to Haleswood to apprehend a criminal and Heather had been part of the crowd watching the whole thing from across the street.
Of course, the whole town knew he’d dropped in on the Morris family Christmas Eve dinner. Playing along, she leaned forward, bracing her elbows on the counter. “Then what is it I can do for you, Special Agent?” She put extra emphasis on the ‘special’. Being so close, she noticed the gold flecks in his unique hazel eyes.
“Dale,” he corrected. “I came to ask you to dinner.”
Was this a joke? She struggled not to jerk back from him, to keep her voice light and flirty. “Tonight?”
“I realize it’s short notice.”
“Maybe I have plans.”
His eyebrows knit together as if he hadn’t considered the possibility of her social calendar. It pissed her off. Immensely. But she kept that smile in place. The unflappable, sturdy curve of her lips had seen her through rough moments as a waitress and as a volunteer at the county animal shelter.
“If you do, I’m hoping you’ll change them for me.”
“Huh.” She pushed back from the counter, pretending to think it over. His body language said date, but his voice remained serious. Did he ever let his guard down? “Where do you want to take me?” She rubbed the edge of her apron across a clean spot on her side of the counter.
“There’s a new sushi bar in Columbia. I made reservations.”
“Sushi?” She could get her fill of excellent sushi without a reservation at the place just around the corner. Of course, the serious, handsome companion would be missing from that scenario.
She was tempted to string him along for another minute or two, for the benefit of their rapt audience, when her brother walked in, glaring at Mr. FBI’s back. Sheriff Cochran must have told him she had a visitor. As if she couldn’t take care of herself with a man. In a public venue.
The irritation only proved she’d never get any respect for her independence if she stuck it out in Haleswood. She leaned across the counter and ran a finger down the perfect, full Windsor knot of Mr. FBI’s tie. “I had plans.” To volunteer at the shelter, but she could rearrange that. “But I’ll change them. For you.”

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  1. sounds like a great series - I'll definitely be checking these out. Thanks for sharing!


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