Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yesterday by Amanda Tru - $0.99 Goodie!

Yesterday by Amanda Tru

Her yesterday was five years ago. What will her tomorrow bring?

When HANNAH KRAEGER saves a family injured in a car accident, she has no idea she has changed events in the past. Waking the next morning, Hannah discovers her yesterday was really five years ago.

Each trip Hannah takes through time changes the timeline and her own life. With help from DR. SETH MCALLISTER, Hannah must unravel the mystery of why she time travels and who she actually is before the strange ability costs her future, the man she loves, and even her life.

YESTERDAY is a thrilling Christian Romantic Suspense filled with unexpected twists, mystery, and romance.



Abby gently pushed me toward a chair and started piling food on a plate. I swear she always tried to get me to pack on the pounds when I visited.
“What happened last night, Hannah? I finally had to stop waiting and go to bed. I was so relieved when I peaked in your room this morning and saw you there.”
“But Seth filled you in right? How is the injured family? Are the parents still alive?”
Abby looked at me with confusion. “What are you talking about, Hannah? And who in the heck is Seth?”
“Come on, Abby, that isn’t funny! I was Superwoman last night and rescued a family who’d had an accident in the snowstorm. A helicopter came to the lodge and took them to the hospital. No one told you about the helicopter?”
Abby stared at me like I’d lost my mind. “Hannah, maybe you should sit down. Are you not feeling well?”
“I’m fine! But I want to know what’s going on! Where’s Seth? He’ll explain it to you.”
“Hannah, there isn’t anyone here at Silver Springs named Seth. There was no injured family or a helicopter here last night. And . . .” She walked over and lifted the window blind to reveal a sunshiny day with only a moderate amount of snow. “We haven’t had any new snow in at least two weeks!”

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