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A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod) by Tracy Ellen - FREEBIE

A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod) by Tracy Ellen

Hold on! This book is not your traditional romance wrapped up in a nice box and tied with a HEA pretty bow!
A Date with Fate is the roller coaster ride of a debut novel by Tracy Ellen, and the first volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series. Experience action, sex, romance, wit, mystery, mayhem, friends, family, fantasies, flashbacks, lots of laughter, and an "OMG!" cliffhanger ending—all in one wild weekend!

Meet Anabel Axelrod…Smart, Sassy, and Sexy!
Anabel owns a bookstore in the town she’s lived in all her life. She is a girly-girl, she is a control freak, and she is one determined woman. Determined to not fall in love!

Meet Luke Drake...Brains, Bad, and Built!
Luke is new in town. He is all man, control is his middle name, and he’s coolly determined. Determined to win Anabel!

Eyes clash, sparks fly, and worlds collide when these two meet, but that’s the least of their worries! Many strange things are happening in the town of Northfield, Minnesota and the blonde bookseller is a magnet for trouble. Anabel’s perfectly uncomplicated life is suddenly turned chaotically upside down with problems. Although, her biggest problem is the not-too-tall, deliciously dark, definitely not handsome, but intriguingly hot Luke Drake.

Will Anabel learn that sometimes fate leaves us no choices, some rules are meant to be broken, and a certain mesmerizing complication may be worth the trouble--even if it kills her?

Courted by Karma (Vol. II) and In Love by Design (Vol. III) in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series are also available for purchase on (The series should be read in order for the optimum reading experience.)

***Author’s note: This series contains sexual encounters and language suitable for adults only.

Excerpt Chapter One...

When agreeing to go on a first date with a man, I always avoid being without a getaway car. I have gratefully escaped early from many brutally boring date nights with this sensible rule. I thought of my day ahead and took a few steps back into the dining room. Luke was at the screen door in the living room and had it opened.
“Let’s make it eight. Oh, and I prefer to meet you, Luke. I may want to have your children, but I don’t really know you, right? So where shall we meet?”
Luke gave another crack of laughter like I had said something hilarious. “Anabel, I’m picking you up. Eight is fine.” Across the room, he gave me that appraising look again while his fist tapped out a quick, staccato beat on the wooden door frame. Brow creased, he said, “Listen, I’d really like it if you wore a dress tonight.”
Seeing my surprised, wary look at his clothing specifications, a huge grin transformed his harsh face with boyish charm.
He snapped his fingers. “Oh yes, I almost forgot. Tiny, pink panties are optional.”
It was extremely difficult, but except for a small moan of agony and squeezing my eyes so tightly shut I saw stars; I stifled my mortification knowing he had seen my bare ass within five minutes of meeting me. These weren't just tiny pink panties I was wearing, but a butt-flossing thong.
I opened my eyes to frown very sternly at his smiling face. “Look, Luke, if I break my rule about being picked up can you promise not to dismember me on the first date or worse yet, bore me?”
Pushing the door open, Luke casually shrugged a shoulder. “I never make promises I can’t keep. You may prove irritating.”
I blinked in disbelief. By the time I recovered to retort, I was talking to the screen door. Stunned, I realized Luke really had left. After a moment of taking this in, I started laughing in rare enjoyment. This first date could prove very interesting indeed. I went out on the front porch to the top of the stairs. He was almost at his truck. I called out, “You didn't even ask me where I live, Mr. Will-of-the-Wisp. You’d better show up!”
He opened the truck door and called back, “Somehow, I don’t think finding you will be difficult.” I could see his confident grin. “You’d better be ready when I get there.”
I have to get in the last word; it’s a failing and a gift. “Let it be on the record; I am very disappointed you have something against tiny, pink panties!”

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