Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Aye, I am a Fairy (The Fairies Saga Book 2) by Dani Haviland

Aye, I am a Fairy (The Fairies Saga Book 2) by Dani Haviland

***WARNING: LUSTY AND VIOLENT SCENES (not a children's story)****

A mix of mystery, history, and fantasy, with a tad of lust, a dash of violence, and a pinch of humor, with characters who will live in your head long after you’ve read the books.

The long awaited second book in THE FAIRIES SAGA series tells the story of Leah, the daughter left 'behind' in the 18th century by Evie, the time traveler with amnesia who has a new family in 1781 North Carolina.

Clever Evie has devised a way to contact Leah and let her know where she is. She has written letters, to be held in trust for over two centuries, to the family of a man she met the day she 'fell back in time.' She asks James Melbourne to contact her daughter, but doesn't realize that the letters have now become the target of theft by the notorious MacLeod family, men who have caused her distress, and now want to target Leah, too.

James Melbourne is willing to help, but he's not who Leah thinks he is.

The Fairies Saga are the tales of time travelers and their friends and family who bounce between the present day and the 18th century, interacting with the 'fictional' characters of the 'Lost' novels. Revenge, intrigue, and passion were never so sweet.

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